Fun Front Porch Decorating for Fall

Posted on 09/20/2021 at 09:30 AM by Deonna Adams

The Sweet Smell of the Fall Season 

Front Porch Fall Decorating


Just a little hint of cool weather, and we are ready to get out all of the fall decorations and begin turning our boring front porch into a festive delight with a fun fall front porch. I love driving down the street to look at all of the nicely decorated homes with an autumn theme. 

You may be wondering where to get front porch decorating ideas to make your outdoor spaces have that extra festive curb appeal. Well, you have come to the right place! We love autumn decor and have plenty of decorating tips for this time of the year!

The beautiful thing about decorating your front porch’s your front porch! You can use your neighbor’s front porch displays as inspiration, but be sure to put your own twist on it. Mix and match ideas to find your own perfect front porch style.


Fall Color Palette 

Fall decorating color palette

When decorating for fall, the colors that immediately come to mind are typically your browns, reds, and oranges. However, you can use black and white accentuated with a touch of brown or orange. When choosing the colors you want to decorate with, start by choosing based on the color of your house or front door. 

For instance, a bright yellow door would look great with black and white fall decor with accents of the orange in pumpkins or porch pillows.  To brighten your front porch, add fall flowers and colorful flower pots or planters.

A flower that may not readily come to mind for fall decorating is sunflowers. But, if you have an outdoor table, sunflowers can be the perfect addition to your festive front porch. 

Front Porch Seating

While most people do not buy new furniture for just fall for their front porch, you can change up the pillows, and add a wicker rocker, or a porch swing. If you want to add a less expensive seating option on your front porch, poufs are versatile and can be used during most seasons. 

Fall is the perfect time to sit outside with a warm cup of cider or coffee, so adding a coffee table is another great addition! A Fermob metal bistro set is also a great option as they come in many fall colors, such as Capucine and Red Ochre.

Front Door Decor

Front porch fall decor

If you're like me and are very picky, sometimes a store never has what you are looking for. If this is true in your case, why not start a little DIY project for your front door decorations. 

Head to your favorite craft store and pick up some items to create your perfect door hanger. Get creative and use glitter, pine cones, fall leaves, and acorns to make an eye-catching wreath. I love to see a burlap bow on a pretty wreath as an extra little accent.

On the other hand, you could also purchase a fall wreath and make decorating a lot faster and easier. 

After you have chosen a beautiful autumn wreath, there are just a few more fall accents that you may want to think about adding. For example, your front porch stairs can be accented by natural elements such as pumpkins and flowers. If you want your porch to glow at night, add lanterns and candles.  

To bring in more textures, use an indoor/outdoor rug with fall colors, but don’t forget your autumn welcome mat to add to a festive front entry into your home. 


Would you like more fall decorating ideas?

Decorating for fall can be so much fun. For more fall decorating ideas, click the link below to read our other blog post about fall decorating.




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