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Shelves & Peg Racks

Pine Shelves, Peg Racks and Plant Stands

Pine Shelves and Peg Racks are sophisticated, functional and versatile. The details in the design elevate them to the level of furniture. All are well made by the hands of true craftsmen in the USA. Impressive classic features include crown molding, bead board backs, shelves, plate grooves, pegs or hooks, variety of sizes and color choice. Welcome guests (and children) at the door with a place to hang coats or bags, use in the guest room to display heirlooms too pretty to hide, or in the bathroom or kitchen to hang untensils. The shelf gives the opportunity to display your favorite plates, photographs or children's artwork. The possibilities are endless. Our selection includes plant stands, peg racks, pine shelves, curios, magazine ladder shelf and quilt or towel rack. Be sure to browse our selection of bookcases to be able to display even more collectibles.

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12" 24", 36", 48", 60", 72"


22"H x 42"W x 9"D


24"H x 12"W x 14"D


13"H x 48"W x 8.5"D


28"H x 27"W x 10"D


19 1/4"H x 36"W 12"D FREE SHIPPING!

17"H x 50"W x 11"D
17"H x 36"W x 11"D
33"H x 36"W x 5 1/2"D
17"H x 24"W x 11"D
33"H x 24"W x 5.5"D FREE SHIPPING

2', also 3', 4' & 5' FREE SHIPPING

24", also 36" & 48" FREE SHIPPING

12"H x 48"W x 10"D, also 60"W


15"H x 42"W x 7"D


11"H x 36"W x 6"D


29"H x 24"W x 5½"D


21½"H x 48"W x 7"D


4.75"H x 4"D x 24" or 36"W


24"H x 25.25"W x 12"D


77"H x 30"W x 12"D


2.75"H x 2.75"D x 2'

Also 3' or 4' Lengths


45"H x 53"W x 9"D



45"H x 30"W x 9"D


13"H x 30"W x 7"D


12"H x 32.5"W x 6"D


30.25"H x 34"W x 8"D


24", 36" or 48"W


16.75"H x 21.5"W x 9.75"D