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Bedroom Furniture


Pine Bedroom Furniture and Shaker Furniture

Shaker furniture from Yield House for the bedroom and bath. This section includes our pine dressers and other pine bedroom furniture. It also has a nice wood laundry hamper and a pine bed .

Pencil Post Bed

Queen Only

Southern Pine Pencil Post Bed
$1,599.00 Sale $1,279.00

20% OFF - Full (Queen and King available)

Pinecone Tavern Bed

Twin (Queen and King available)

Tavern Bed

Twin (Queen & King available) Pine Cone optional

Southern Pine Kentucky Tavern Bed
$1,299.00 Sale $1,037.00
Kentucky Tavern Bed Post height: 48" Four Sizes Available
Panel Bed

Twin (Queen and King available) also without pine cone carving

Harbor Point Bed
Southern Pine Sleigh Bed
$1,199.00 Sale $958.00
Sleigh Bed Headboard height: 45"
Reclaimed Ceiling Tile Headboard

Twin (Full/Queen and King available) Shown in king size

Southern Pine Ceiling Tin Bed
$1,199.00 Sale $1,118.00

Ceiling Tin Bed Headboard 48"H Footboard 36"H

Southern Pine Boseman Forge Bed
Forge Bed headboard height: 56½" Available in Queen or King
Original Cast Iron Bethany Bed

All Bed Sizes; Or Headboards only

Cast Iron Bed

All Bed Sizes or Headboards Only

Panel Bed with Bark
Twin (Queen and King available)
Five Drawer Tavern Chest

49"H x 36"W x 22"D

Nine Drawer Dresser

40"H x 60"W x 19"D

Three Drawer Bachelor Chest
31"H x 36"W x 22"D
4 Drawer Chest

32"H x 23"W x 21"D

Charlestown Chest

47"H x 56"W x 18"D

Brothers Chest

34"H x 25"W x 12"D

Southern Pine Bachelor's Chest

Bachelor's Chest 32½"H X 37"W X 18½"D

Southern Pine Apothecary

Apothecary 32"H X 27"W X 12"D

Southern Pine Tall Six Drawer Chest

Six Drawer Chest 50½"H X 36"W X 18"D

Southern Pine Bedside Table
Southern Pine Forsythe High Chest

Forsythe High Chest 42"H X 48"W X 21"D

Southern Pine Madison Four Drawer Chest

Four Drawer Chest 35"H X 31½"W X 17"D

Southern Pine Highland Bedside Chest

Bedside Chest 27"H X 20"W X 17"D

Westport Cabinet
34"H X 27 1/2"W X 13 1/2"D
Southern Pine Cottage Armoire
$1,799.00 Sale $1,439.00

20% OFF - 69"H X 46¼"W X 22½"D

Southern Pine Dresden Three Drawer Chest
Three Drawer Chest 27"H X 30½"W X 17"D
Southern Pine Bedside Chest w/Tin Door
$599.00 Sale $478.00
Bedside Chest w/Tin Door 28.5"H x 22"W x 17"D
Southern Pine Heritage Mini Chest

Heritage Mini Chest 26"H X 17"W X 13"D

Southern Pine Bayport Night Stand
Bayport Night Stand 27"H X 28"W X 17"D
Southern Pine Cottage Bed Side Chest
$599.00 Sale $478.00
Bedside Chest 28½"H X 26½"W X 17½"D
Millsboro Cabinet
27"H x 27"W x 16"D
Small Bedside Chest
33"H X 17"W X 12"D
Cottage Bedside Table
27"H x 16"W x 16"D
Laundry Hamper
35"H x 23"W x 16"D
Cubby Coat Hook
16"H x 41"W x 9"D
Pine Cone or Plain Trunk
14"H x 22"W x 15"D
Pine Cone Chest
23"H x 32"W x 14"D
Drawer Mirror
32"H x 22"W x 6 1/2"D
2 Drawer Bench with Cushion
21"H x 48 1/2"W x 17"D
Step Stool

14h x 19w x 19d

Southern Pine Country French Armoire
$2,399.00 Sale $1,919.00

20% OFF - 79"H X 49½"W X 23"D

Southern Pine Concord Door Chest
$1,589.00 Sale $1,269.00

20% OFF - 63½"H X 43"W X 22¼"D

Southern Pine Green River Cabinet
$1,599.00 Sale $1,279.00

20% OFF - 70"H X 46½"W X 25½"D

Southern Pine Green River Cabinet W/Ivy
$2,469.00 Sale $1,975.00

20% OFF - 70"H X 46½"W X 25½"D

Southern Pine Wilmington Lingerie Cabinet
Lingerie Cabinet 52"H X 26"W X 18"D
Southern Pine Dressing Table w/ Vanity and Stool
Dressing Table w/Vanity and Stool 30"H X 37"W X 26"D
Wooden Madison Three Drawer Bedside Table

28"H x 24"W x 19"D

Wooden Madison One Drawer Bedside Table

28"H x 24"W x 19"D

Three Cubby Wooden Storage Cabinet

49"H x 19.5"W 16"D

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