5 Ideas for a Stylish Modern Front Porch

Posted on 09/29/2020 at 09:30 AM by Deonna Adams

Why is Decorating Your Front Entrance Important?

fall decorations for the front door

One of the most enjoyable and refreshing things to see is when you pull into the driveway and look at how beautiful the front of your home is decorated. Whether it’s a brightly painted door contrasted with the color of the house or big beautiful blooms in the front yard. Having a home you enjoy looking at can be oh so satisfying. 

Decorating the front entrance of your home is important because it often gives the first impression of who you are and what to expect when someone walks through the front door. Although, I have been in some homes that were distasteful on the outside but gorgeous as soon as you walk in giving attention to your home's curb appeal is important.

There are so many variables to think about when you are looking to decorate. What colors to choose? What accessories to use? Are some factors that can be overwhelming. Let’s go ahead and discuss a few ideas to help give your home curb appeal. 

Make a Statement With Your Front Door

house with blue front door

Your front door can be one of the most important elements to designing the front of your house. It’s the first thing people see when they visit and the last thing they see when they leave. For you to fall in love with how your home looks you want it to reflect your personality, and compliment the rest of your house.

The first step is choosing the right color. If you are going for a farmhouse style you may want a natural wood door or one what has a rich warm stained color. Next choose the style of the door you would like to use. There are pretty much 3 type of doors styles.

  • Decorative

  • Glass

  • Panelled 


Front Porch Accessories

Eucalyptus Wreath for front door


Accessories can really showcase your personality. Start off by choosing decor for your door. Use a wreath to add a bit of color. Make it cozy and warm by decorating with an indoor/outdoor rug. This not only helps to create a stylish space, but it also gives you the ability to sit on a different surface if you want to add big pillows for floor seating.

Lanterns will give your home a glow and create an inviting entrance. We love HGTV ideas on “10 Things to Put on Your Front Porch”.


Front Porch Seating

wicker seating on front porch

There are a few factors to consider when deciding on what outdoor furniture you will use. 

  1. What do you plan on using the space for? If you plan on sitting on your front porch often comfortable seating is a must. We recommend wicker furniture.

  2. How large is the space? You don't want the space to feel too crowded. Use folding tables and chairs to have additional seating on hand if you have guests over. 

  3. Pick an outdoor furniture style that will compliment the rest of your space.


Creating Privacy

Privacy can be a huge factor in being comfortable sitting on your front porch. Cars driving by or people walking in front of your house can be a distraction when trying to read or meditate. Create privacy on your porch by using curtains or old shutters. Privacy plants are another great option.


Enhance Curb Appeal

The curb appeal to your home can add beauty to the neighborhood. Start with small projects. Touch up any areas on the house where paint may be chipped. Keep walkways and sidewalks clean. Add flower boxes and updated lighting. 

Tip: If you don’t want the hassle of keeping your flowers watered opt for artificial flowers.

Decorating your front porch should be a fun activity. Get creative and choose accessories for each season. To learn about more ideas and tips visit our blog “How to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space.”

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