2 Things to Know About Rattan Furniture

Posted on December 1, 2020 at 3:00 PM by Deonna Adams

Why American Country Loves Rattan Furniture

Rattan chairs at a cafe in Paris

Imagine taking in the beautiful views and delightful smells of charming, historic Paris. Suddenly you decide to sit at one of Paris’s many sidewalk cafes just to take it all in. You enjoy a delicious bite to eat while chatting with friends about this dynamic experience of traveling abroad. You are simply living in the moment. 

Now, what if you could bring a piece of that comfort and relaxation with you when you return home? That’s exactly what we have done here in American Country. Our French Bistro Rattan Chairs by GLACSEAT gives us that sense of sitting at a cafe in Paris over and over again every time we see these beautiful furniture pieces.

The French bistro rattan chair frames are made from natural rattan (not plastic!), which is a very popular design element at Paris sidewalk cafés. These chairs are so versatile and will, without a doubt, elevate any room or space you put them in. 

1.What is Rattan Furniture?

Rattan chairs in a dinning room

The furniture style of rattan is becoming more and more popular. It is a natural material from abaca strands of a climbing or vine-like palm that generally grows in tropical areas.

Sika Design, a favorite designer of American Country whose furniture we offer a wide selection of, explains what rattan furniture consists of:

“Rattan is also remarkably hardwearing and resistant to heat, cold, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. It grows as a vine in the rainforest, up the trees from the very bottom, and has been known to grow up hundred of meters. 

When it's processed, the cane is debarked and sanded down for a beautiful smooth surface, which can be polished in the natural yellow state, stained and lacquered in any desired color, or left with the bark for a more rustic feel.

There is a common misconception that rattan is just a different kind of bamboo — but that isn't right. Bamboo doesn't bend, whereas rattan does. Bamboo is hollow, whereas rattan is solid. In addition to that, rattan furniture can truly last generations.”

A truly fascinating natural element! It has also been utilized to create all types of furniture. These pieces can offer a modern furniture style in a contemporary design or even be used to enhance a traditional design, as you will learn next.

2. Different Styles for Different People

When it comes to rattan furniture the design possibilities are endless. Rattan chairs come in many different neutral color combinations. Everything from a burgundy and ivory Montmartre chair to a black and white Lyon chair.

Choosing the right rattan chair for you really depends on what type of statement you want to make. Consider factors such as where you will be placing the chairs.

Will they be used as an office chair? Are you aiming for a traditional style? Maybe a more modern design? Rattan could even be utilized in a shabby chic office space!

If you are considering using rattan outdoors, remember that it does do well outside, but it should not be exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time because it might damage the natural material, impacting its color.

A second factor to consider when choosing your piece(s) is comfort. Perhaps you want a little more room than the traditional Parisian Rattan Bistro Chair. Purchasing a rattan armchair that is wider will help you to sit more comfortably, to really relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a book.

A third factor to consider is height. Depending on the placement of something like a chair or stool, you may need something a little taller. For example, selecting rattan bar stools offers the possibility of giving your kitchen island or bar area an upscale yet classic look.

How Popular Are Rattan Chairs

Bistro rattan chairs and bistro table

Rattan chairs are very popular. They are often styled with bistro tables to complete the look, like the Parisian style we spoke about earlier. Rattan bistro chairs are also seen all over New York City and in other major cities throughout Europe at sidewalk cafés.

Ideal for home, bar, cafe, or restaurant, the options are wide and vary. The classic woven texture is easily recognized, bringing a refined yet trendy look right into your very own dining room, office, or patio.

Due to its popularity and classy, recognizable style, we have plenty in stock and offer a variety of pieces and kinds of weaves.

Most of our available pieces are in a matte weave, which is made from polyethylene. We do stock the shiny weave (polyamide-nylon) in the Montmartre chair, our highest quality offering. However, the matte is just as strong as the shiny weave and less expensive.

The classic look of the French Rattan bistro chairs has proven over the years to be a very decorative and comfortable material to use. So, consider adding a quaint bistro look to your home, or maybe you prefer the feel of a comfortable armchair. 

Whatever option you are considering, the added pieces will bring an element of sophistication to your outdoor or interior design style.

Looking for the perfect rattan furniture for your space?

With so many styles and colors to choose from it can be hard to decide the perfect chair for your space. Click the links below to see a selection of rattan chairs and bistro tables!

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