The Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Decorating

Posted on July 26, 2021 at 9:56 AM by Becky Smith

The Most Popular Decorating Styles Today

Farmhouse style living room

One of the most exciting things about moving into a new home or redecorating your current home is the ability to start fresh. However, if you search the internet, you might become overwhelmed with all the different decor styles. 

However, Farmhouse and Cottage decorating styles are trendy today. Look in any magazine or watch a home improvement show, and almost always, you will find a home decorated with one of these styles. 

What is The Farmhouse Decorating Style? 

Many people ask, how would you define farmhouse style?  Farmhouse decor means different things to different people. The modern farmhouse style is a mix of old and new. 

Furniture found at second-hand stores, complemented with new elements, will give you a farmhouse look. It should feel warm and cozy. With farmhouse style, it’s all about the character. 


1. Color Pallet 

When you are looking through a magazine and see a room decorated with the farmhouse style in mind, you will notice two major colors. The true farmhouse style will be decorated around white and gray. Of course, you can incorporate other colors into the decor, but these should be part of the main color scheme.

 Add color to the room with a colorful area rug. American farmhouse furniture would include slipcover furniture. A sofa with a cheerful fabric is another way to introduce color into the room. 

A neutral textured rug is perfect for spaces with a rustic theme in mind. Jute and wool rugs offer a variety of design choices.


2. Patterns 

Farmhouse brings buffalo checks, plaids, and gingham to the table. Rural prints really bring in the farmhouse lifestyle and give your room character. Often buffalo check is found in black and white or red and black. These prints can be easily added to your decor if you have a neutral sofa. We recommend buying slipcover furniture to give you the flexibility in changing up your fabric.


FYI: American Country has a range of fabrics to choose from for your slipcover furniture. Not sure what it looks like on your computer monitor? Order fabric samples to get a better look with free shipping!


3. Accessories

When looking for home decor, look for items that contain natural elements. Such as wood, metal, or ship-lap. Using peel and stick ship-lap or wood planks is a good way to add these textures to your home or apartment without permanently changing the wall.

Adding repurposed decor will give your space an extra flare. For example, galvanized buckets or trays and farmhouse prints will give you the farmhouse look. Farm-style wall decor and reproduction clocks will also add nice farmhouse flair to your home. 


Farmhouse Furniture

Farmhouse table


Selecting a Farmhouse Table

Choosing the right farmhouse table is essential to create an atmosphere of harmony for any home. The kitchen or dining room can be the most important place in our home. 

A rustic farmhouse table, for example, can give a laid-back farmhouse style to your dining room. However, if you want a more clean look, opt for a white farmhouse table.  It is important that the table makes a statement and invokes a sense of function and beauty. It should have a classic quality that says it has been around for years or at least will be. 

In most cases, you will need a durable surface and the correct height for the tasks at hand. Another factor to consider is how many people you will need to seat. 

Rectangular tables: Generally, a farmhouse table is a large rectangle. Having more space between diners allows for less intimacy but also usually allows for more comfort and space. 

If you have less space, you can also enjoy a long narrow table. For example, a rectangle table for 8 will give you plenty of room for entertaining.

Square tables: Square tables are best suited for small spaces. An ideal size is about 60”, although extensions may be available to double their capacity.

Extendable tables: Virtually all styles of tables can be extended and are perfect if your space is not very large. You only have to confirm that you have the necessary space to open them and have a minimum space around them.

Farmhouse Sofa 

Farmhouse style slipcover sofa

When considering how to take your living space from good to great by using the farmhouse style, a slipcover sofa may not be the first thing to cross your mind. But American Country can assure you that this is a key element in completing the farmhouse living room look.

Within the Farmhouse style, many different concepts can be added to achieve the look that has grown in popularity over the last few years. The farmhouse style can take on various appearances, including a traditional farmhouse, eclectic, or industrial.

 By adding specific pieces to any living space, like light fixtures, coffee tables, end tables, and color schemes, the much-loved feel of the farmhouse can be easily achieved.

It’s a classic example of one of the many things that make the farmhouse look so special. Whether you want a farmhouse kitchen, have a great farmhouse living room idea, or want to make an office space feel cozier, it really comes down to personal taste.

As you consider things like which neutral tones to include, nostalgic memories to incorporate, or how to achieve a clean and simple look, one thing we know for sure is that slipcover furniture will not only complete the look but also make your life easier.

Slipcover Furniture is Sustainable

Not only can you change the look of any space at any time, but purchasing a washable slipcover is something most consider a major benefit.

Instead of having to replace a couch because of a major spill or some accident, remove your sofa cover and throw it in the washing machine or take it to the dry cleaners. 

American Country offers high-quality washable slipcovered fabrics. Each upholstery fabric is inspected, by hand, for quality before it ever gets close to your furniture. We do, however, recommend Dry Cleaning to increase the life of your slipcover.

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