Fabrics, Samples and Pillows

Fabrics by Four Seasons Furniture  

Within all of the products we offer ranging from couches, sofa sets, duvet covers, quilts, area rugs, to decor and more, we offer fabric swatches to best fit your needs.

Order fabric swatches, pillows or yardage - select from the drop-down menu on each item.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for pillows - these are made to order.

Click on swatch for larger image. The "1-10" number in parentheses refers to the fabric grade 1 being least expensive and 10 being most expensive. 

4" x 4" Swatches (limit of 10) for $1 deposit.  As soon as we receive them back, we will refund your deposit (return postage not included).

Pillows and cut yardage are not returnable.

Not find what you need? Contact us today in regards to your furniture needs. Whether it's country decor, bed sheets or comforters, or more, we've got you covered.


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