3 Tips for Choosing Spring Country Bedding & Linens

Posted on 03/15/2021 at 01:29 PM by Deonna Adams

Why Do We Love Country Bedding?

Taylor linens bedding from American Country Home Store


There is something about a warm summer day sitting by a window with a soft breeze blowing on your face. You look over and suddenly a calm and peaceful feeling comes over you when you look at your well-put-together bedroom.

Country cottage bedding gives you just that feeling. Cool and warm colors and delicate textures make any bedroom feel cozy.

A New Bedspread For A New Season

duvet cover for spring

When warm weather approaches it's like a switch automatically goes off in our mind. We start to think about our plans for the summer, and what we will do to start our spring cleaning projects. But what about our bed linens?

Should a new season spring on new bedroom linens? This Taylor Linens Hampton duvet cover pictured above definitely is getting me mentally prepared for spring! 

Changing your bedding for each season can really help you to feel and sleep more comfortably. It's true if you get a little cold you can turn the heat up and if you get a little warm you can turn the AC down a bit.

But, besides the fact that in the long run that will cost you a lot of money regulating the temperature can sometimes be very difficult when you want to get it just right.

Getting cold or hot in the middle of the night can really have an impact on the quality of sleep you have.

How to choose the right bedding for the season (and for a better nights sleep)

1. Selecting The Right Material For You

Taylor Lines Eloise red bed collection

Let's talk bedding for springtime. Materials like linen, silk, and satin will help to keep you cool during the spring and summer months. These materials are also very popular in the french country bedding style.

A country cottage duvet cover can provide the look and style you desire and some versatility.

Oftentimes the temperature changes rapidly at night, at least here in Iowa. Placing a quality quilt on your bed can give you extra warmth if needed. 

Keeping matelasse coverlets on hand is a great option to not only add extra layers just in case it gets cold at night, but also make your bed look wonderful!

 Matelasse coverlets are lightweight so they won't feel heavy on your bed and can be easily kicked off if you start to feel warm during the night. But, I think most of us like a little more warmth on our feet where the extra linens will be.

For winter materials like Cotton, fleece, and flannel is great for keeping you toasty during the night. Our Cascade Stripe Flannel Blue/Oatmeal bedding from Pine Cone Hill brings extra comfort and coziness for those chilly nights whether it be spring, autumn, or winter.

2. Duvet or Comforter Which One is Better?

White duvet cover

It really depends on you. I have to say though, we may be a little biased. There are so many benefits to using duvet covers. They are easy to clean and can make redecorating your room very easy and affordable. 

Just pop your duvet cover in the washing machine and you're done. No more worrying about having a commercial size washer and dryer to clean your big and heavy comforter.

Duvet covers will also allow you to change the style of the room. If you plan to switch up the color theme, just simply change out your duvet cover with one that has your new color theme.

Our favorite red country bedding is the Eloise Red Bedding with matching pajamas. Sophisticated blossoms along a delicate dotted vine create an enticingly simple and modern pattern. 


3. Does Quality Really Matter

Country cottage duvet cover for any season - found at American Country Home Store

Just like anything else you get what you pay for. So buying quality bedding will not only increase your quality of sleep but will also last you a long time.

Quality bedding feels good on your body and it washes well. If you are looking for luxury bedding you have come to the right place. American Country offers quality bedding including French Country Bedding, country cottage quilts, and country duvet covers.

What Does Your Next Bedding Look Like? 

Check out our bedding collections linked below, and see which ones you fall in love with! 

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