The Best Washable Slipcover Sofa

Posted on October 27, 2022 at 9:00 AM by Becky Smith

What are the Best Sofas for 2022? 

Slipcovered sofas are an innovative choice for your home. They offer comfort and style for every room. Washable slipcovered sofas come in a wide range of patterns, sizes, and colors that blend seamlessly with interior décor. 

Slipcovered sofas are an excellent option for those who want a sofa that's easy to clean and can be used in big or small spaces. In addition, the slipcover design is versatile enough to accommodate most circumstances, making them an excellent choice for pet owners or families with children. Add some throw pillows, throw a blanket over the back, and you're good to go!

American Country’s Slipcovered Sofa

American Country Home Store Slipcover Furniture

If you're looking for an armed slipcovered sofa that will be stylish and functional for years to come, look no further than Four Seasons Sofas. They offer both traditional and contemporary styles, so your tastes are sure to be satisfied.

Four Seasons Sofas are made from high-quality materials, meaning they'll last many years of use. In addition, they come in various colors and styles, so you can find one that fits your home perfectly! You can also choose from many sofa styles and fabrics if you want something more customized.

Alex Sofa Collection

The Alex sofa collection is an excellent option. This slipcover sectional is available in various fabric options, so you can choose the look that best suits your home's style. It also features a high-quality construction for added durability, making it an ideal choice for families with children or pets that may be hard on furniture. 

Danielle Sofa Collection

Daniell Sofa Slipcovers

The Danielle Sofa Collection comes in many colors and patterns. You can choose from over 100 fabric options or choose your own fabric. 

This collection features 4 toss pillows that are easy to change when you want something new. In addition, this sofa is available as 2 Seat, 3 Seat, or Bench Seat.  Also available fully upholstered. 

FYI: American Country Home Store carries 13 other sofa collections, accent chairs, gliders, and ottomans. Click here to view our collections. 

All you Need to Know about Slipcovered Furniture

Machine Washable

Our performance and life-approved fabrics make our slipcovers easy to clean. Our slipcovers are machine washable and are made with materials that can withstand the rigors of washing in a machine. 

Crypton fabrics are perfect for households with pets. Spills will bead up, making cleaning easy with just soap and water. Crypton fabrics resist odors and are suitable for heavy-duty indoor use with enhanced abrasion resistance. Stain-resistant qualities are built into the fabric.

Choosing a slipcover sofa will mean you don't have to hire expensive services for professional cleaning, which will keep more money in your pocket!

You can care for a couch without back-breaking cleaning and maintenance.

Wash your slipcover on a cold cycle and tumble dry on low heat or air dry until it's damp. That's it! 

Cleaning your slipcover is easy! Be sure to avoid overfilling your washing machine. And, always close zippers on seat cushions and backs to prolong seam life. 

If you use a dryer, put the back on the piece while it's still slightly damp. Some fabrics are okay for a gentle cycle but read our care instructions for recommendations about specific fabric types. Never use bleach—it is too harsh for most fabrics.

TIP: To help your slipcovers, cushions, and frame last longer: Reversing seat cushions and back pillows regularly will help extend the life of your furniture. Rotating seat cushions from side to side will keep the wear even. Fluffing throw pillows and back pillows regularly will keep them looking good. Vacuuming with a soft brush attachment will remove excess dirt and dust from your slipcovers.  Sunbrella & Outdura Fabrics:  DO NOT DRY CLEAN AND DO NOT PUT IN DRYER (air dry only).Crypton & Performance Fabrics: DO NOT USE BLEACH (spot clean with 1/4 tsp mild enzyme detergent, such as Woolite or Tide, per 1 cup lukewarm water).

Fabric Options

There are a lot of questions to consider when shopping for a slipcovered sofa. But one of the most important is the fabric itself.

Most people think about color and pattern first, but it's also important to consider how durable and comfortable your new sofa will be. We offer various fabric options to customize and create your perfect sofa!

Seat Cushions

The seat cushion is an essential component of your sofa. It’s what you sit on and makes up the bulk of its weight. So if you sit on it all day, ensure the seat cushion is comfortable!

You want to consider how thick and firm (or soft) it feels. If it’s too thin or delicate, you might feel like you’re sinking into a hole all day long—not pleasant! On the other hand, if it's very thick or stiff, then your legs will get tired from being stretched out straight all day long, as well as feeling like they're being pushed back into an uncomfortable position by the rugged cushions underneath them.

Slipcover Furniture Lasts a Lifetime

Living room with slipcover furniture

 Slipcover furniture is a versatile solution for any home environment and will last you a lifetime. Though often seen as something only suited for a living room, it is not accidental that they have also become popular in offices and in other areas of the home. So if you are purchasing a slipcover, you will invest in a piece of furniture that will last you for years.

Are you interested in seeing all the slipcover collections we offer?

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Can a slip covered sofa be done in chenille or a softer fabric? Also can you get the slip covered look with an uphostered sofa
Denise | 11/20/22 at 10:37 AM
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