The Ultimate Guide to Decorating With Slipcover Furniture

Posted on 05/17/2021 at 10:42 AM by Deonna Adams

What is a Slipcover Sofa?

 Emiy slipcover sofa


Decorating with slipcover furniture can be overwhelming. So, starting with the basics: a slipcover sofa (also called a slipcover couch or couch cover) is an upholstered sofa covered in a removal fabric called a slipcover. Frequently you can find the internet flooded with sites where you can purchase a slipcover to fit most sofas, but let's be honest.

The quality of some slipcovers is not always the best. When decorating with slipcover furniture, the slipcover quality is essential for various reasons that we will discuss in this article.

Why Choose Slipcover Furniture?

Slipcovered furniture is still much in demand. Take away the easy-care, relaxed style, and ability to change your upholstery every season, and you can see why this trend keeps ongoing. With today’s working families and vacation homes, it is no wonder that the popularity continues to take center stage.

Changing from warm weather to cool weather often requires a change in furnishings. Slipcovered furniture can offer the change from linen, cotton, and light colors to corduroy, wool, and warmer fabrics for fall and winter. Simply swap out a pair of covers seasonally during your regular cleaning routine. Not only are slipcovers aesthetically appealing, they can also extend your furniture’s longevity by keeping furniture covered from sun damage, bedazzled denim pockets, or anything else that might cause wear and tear. 

Slipcover Furniture Lasts

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The relaxed style of slipcovers lends itself well to families with children and pets, vacation homes, rentals, and frequently used rooms. If something has been spilled on or is dirty, making a slipcover sofa or chair fresh again is easy.

When spills and accidents happen, they can be easily fixed by simply removing your slipcover and either getting it dry cleaned or washing it yourself at home. No longer will you have anxiety and worry about having an accident on your brand new furniture. When you purchase slipcover furniture, spills and mishaps are easy to clean. The durability and ergonomic design make slipcover chairs and sofas a great option when considering furniture for families.

When you buy our Four Seasons line of Slipcover furniture at American Country Homestore, you will be impressed that you will have furniture that lasts you many years. 

Decorating with Slipcover Furniture

Slipcover Sofas For Cottage & Farmhouse Styles

Farmhouse decorated living room with slipcover furniture

The cottage furniture design invites a casual, friendly lifestyle and the perfect complement to this decor style is slipcover furniture. Whether in a seaside setting, an urban environment, or a countryside location, cottage-style home decor is cozy and unassuming, combining the past with the present. A cottage sofa or accent chair will effortlessly elevate your cottage home or beach house.

Incorporating other country furniture pieces to coordinate with your country sofa will add warmth and depth to the room. Use pieces such as a farmhouse table and chairs for your dining room or beautiful accent pine furniture into the living room.

The farmhouse style will often include a touch of modern or traditional fashion to achieve the look that has grown in popularity over the last few years. The farmhouse style can take on various interior designs, including a conventional farmhouse, eclectic, or industrial. 

The farmhouse look is a very flexible style achieved by adding specific pieces to any living space, such as light fixtures, coffee tables, end tables, and farmhouse color schemes.

Interior decorating with these elements is a classic example of one of the many things that make the farmhouse look special. Whether you want a farmhouse kitchen, have an excellent farmhouse living room idea, or want to make an office space feel cozier, it comes down to personal taste. 

When decorating with the farmhouse style in mind, consider which neutral tones to include, nostalgic memories to incorporate, or how to achieve a clean and simple look. We know for sure that slipcover furniture will not only complete the look but also make your life easier.

Decorate With You in Mind

Many people get bored after looking at the same space in their home decor. One of the easiest ways to add change and create a new feel to any room is by using a sofa slipcover. They come in a variety of customizable fabrics, all with different patterns and colors. A variety of fabrics to choose from gives you the flexibility to change things up whenever you want a different look and without having to break the bank. Many interior decorators use a rotation of slipcovers during the year for seasonal decorating.

What You Need to Know When Purchasing Slipcover Furniture

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Slipcovers made of Crypton, Sunbrella, and Outdura fabrics are more durable than fabrics of the past. With higher synthetic contents, softer hands, and better designs, they pave the way for easy care. 

Sunbrella and Outdura fabrics were initially designed for outdoor use and still are, but they have also found their way into interior applications. Many of these fabrics may be machine washed, spot cleaned, dry-cleaned, or even hosed off. Check with the individual manufacturer or retailer for recommendations.

Because of all the various fabrics, anything from commercial-grade material to stain-resistant, picking the right one can be a little overwhelming. Keep these two points in mind when searching online for your perfect slipcover. 

1. Fabrics Grades

As you begin your search, you may see fabrics grouped by grade.  For instance, grade 1 is the "price as shown grade," and grade 10 is the most expensive grade that we offer on the American Country website. The picture above is our Alex Sofa with Montford Linen fabric (grade 1). 

Interestingly enough, fabric grade can have little to do with quality and durability. While higher fabric grades can be more durable, many of our most durable fabrics are grade 1. A higher-grade fabric has more to do with how it's made versus its quality or durability in many cases. 

Higher grade fabrics may also use more expensive natural fibers (linen, for example) or have detailed intricate patterns. Finally, a higher-grade material is almost always more time-consuming to produce. The extra labor needed to mill the fabric has an effect on the price.

2. Computer Screen Resolution Alters Appearance 

Due to computer screen resolutions, the actual colors of the fabric can become hard to decipher when looking at them online. American Country offers fabric swatches for all of our samples to ensure you get the exact material you're looking for. 

3. Slipcover Fit

One of the worst things that can happen when it comes to slipcover furniture is to have the wrong fit. You must get it right not only for the finished look to be perfect but also for comfort. 

At American Country, we offer covers with a snug fit, so you have all the benefits without slippage and unattractive appearance.

Each of our slipcovers is sewn in four pieces, making it easy for removal, cleaning, and replacement. Although the idea of a slipcover is relatively simple, the benefits it can provide and the factors to consider before purchasing make it worthwhile to find the perfect fit for your space. 

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