#1 Reason Why Slipcover Sofas Give the Best Bang For Your Buck

Posted on 02/23/2021 at 09:55 AM by Deonna Adams

What is a Slipcover Sofa?

Example of slipcover sofa for cottage style home decor- American Country Home Store

What do you think of when you hear the term slipcover sofa? For some reason, I think of being on the beach in a nice quaint cottage home reading my favorite book.

Well, to me this makes perfect sense because slipcover couches complement the cottage style decor very well. But you still may be wondering, "What is a slipcover sofa?"

A slipcover sofa or sometimes referred to as a slipcover couch is an upholstered sofa covered in a removal fabric called a slipcover.

Oftentimes you can find the internet flooded with sites where you can purchase a slipcover to fit most sofas, but let's be honest. The quality of some slipcovers is not always the best.

If you prefer slipcover furniture over traditional furniture when considering home decor ideas, you'll want to know about the best way to find quality slipcover furniture.

Since the cottage home style is so popular some people also choose to add additional slipcover pieces and decorate their home with slipcover chairs with a matching ottoman or a slipcover chaise.

Why Choose a Slipcover Sofa over a Traditional Style Sofa?

Examples of slipcover furniture available at American Country Home Store

So before we answer the question above let's talk about what I mean when I say "traditional sofa."

When you walk into most big box furniture stores you find leather, microfiber, and fabric sofas.

Most people will generally buy one of these types of couches over slipcover sofas because they seem to be more readily available and seen.

But, for the sake of this discussion when we mention traditional sofa we are referring to one of those types of sofas.

Here are a couple of reasons why slipcovered sofas give the most bang for your buck. We will of course start with the #1 Reason!

1. Slipcover Furniture Lasts

Image of a slipcover sofa and ottoman available at American Country Home Store (Syle and color may vary)

When you buy our Four Seasons line of Slipcover furniture here at American Country Homestore you will be impressed at the longevity you will receive from your furniture. The benefits of slipcover furniture are many!

We work long hard hours to purchase our needs and wants. If you're like me you want to make sure your investment is going to pay off, and you get the most for your money.

Often we spend so much time in the living room with our friends and family. We watch TV, eat, and entertain in other ways. All of this puts wear and tear on our furniture.

Not to mention if we have children and pets. Accidents are inevitable. The anxiety and worry of having an accident on your brand new furniture are taken away when you purchase slipcover furniture.

So yes! Buying furniture that last is the #1 reason. Spills and accidents can easily be fixed by simply removing your slipcover and either getting it professionally cleaned or washing it yourself at home. 

FYI: Check out this video below to find out how easy it is to remove one of our Four Seasons slipcovers!

2. Slipcover Sofas Compliment The Cottage Style

slipcover couch and chair from American Country home Store

The cottage furniture design invites a casual friendly lifestyle. The perfect compliment to this decor style is slipcover furniture.

Whether in a seaside setting, an urban environment, or a countryside location, cottage-style home decor is cozy and unassuming, combining the past with the present.

A cottage sofa or chair will easily elevate your cottage home or beach house. Incorporating country furniture to coordinate with your country sofa will add warmth and depth to the room.

Use pieces such as a farmhouse table and chairs for your dining room or beautiful accent pine furniture into the living room.

Are you having a hard time deciding if a slipcover sofa is right for you?

Check out some of our sofa collections, accent chairs, and gliders by clicking the links below!

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