3 Tips to Host a Memorable Experience for Overnight Guests

Posted on November 10, 2020 at 12:00 PM by Deonna Adams

Why Look Forward to Hosting?

Image of the Hosting a small intimate party

Despite the pandemic, many people are still deciding to travel and visit family members for the upcoming holiday season. Preparing now for your guests to have a memorable experience can lighten your load and give you the opportunity to really spend time with any group of people, especially your family and friends. 

Many of us have been social distancing from our loved ones, so being able to spend time with them will definitely be exciting. There are things that can be done to limit the risks when gathering with your family, even if you cannot stay at least 6 feet apart.

Some have decided to get tested before traveling or before allowing others into their home. Perhaps, instead of having a few families stay with you, consider hosting one family at a time and then virtually get together with the rest of the family. Keeping your home clean during your guest's stay will also help to minimize the risk of exposure. Learn what the CDC says for Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings.

1. Plan Fun Activities

Image of an Wooden tic tac toe game from American Country Home Store

Although activities outside may not be an option due to the cold weather, there are so many other things we can enjoy in the comforts of our own home. Having a variety of board games to choose from sounds simple, but it will give your guests plenty of options to choose from for family entertainment. Consider going old school with a simple game like this wooden tic tac toe game.

To heighten the fun, add some healthy competition. Play a game of darts and let everyone know who’s the boss with this personalized dartboard cabinet; any social group will love this!

If your family needs a chance to relax, plan a movie night. Go all out by creating a movie theatre experience right at home. Add a nice, big comfy slipcover sofa, and utilize an entertainment console, and head to the dollar store to buy candy, popcorn, and your favorite beverages.

Finally, if getting out of the house sounds just right, bundle up and take a nice family walk down Main Street, stepping inside a coffee shop to get warm and grab a seasonal drink.

2. Make Your Guests Feel at Home

An Image of feet propped up on a comfy sofa while wearing soft slippers

Anticipate the needs of your guests and think of items that they may need to be comfortable for their overnight stay. In fact, think back to a time when you stayed overnight somewhere and forgot a few overnight essentials…not too fun. So, try a decorative welcome basket stocked with supplies people generally forget to bring when they travel.

If you want to make it extra special, leave a plush robe and slippers in their room they can use at your home and take when they leave. Ask your visitors what they like for breakfast and have it ready. Go one step further and plan a big homecooked breakfast one morning.
Keep the temperature of your home at a level that is comfortable for them. As the host, it’s always easier for you to make the adjustment. But plenty of throws on the pine bed will help keep them warm at night. 

Give them the option to plan and enjoy their stay the way they would like to, but also be ready to take the lead in planning activities just in case.

TIP: No one likes to feel rushed if their idea of a vacation is to just relax.

3. Cherish the Time Spent Together

Image of a Family quote wall décor from American Country Home Store

The moments spent with family and close friends are opportunities for the best memories to be made. Make it memorable by taking family photos, or why not even create a video of some of the fun activities and laughs shared together during their stay.

Doing these things will help to keep the memory strong long after our guests leave. When we miss our family and friends, the physical distance will be more bearable when we refer back to those precious photos and videos.

These few tips will help to make the time we spend with our visiting family not only special but memorable. For tips on how to be a gracious host or hostess when having overnight guests read our blog posts "Unspoken Rules of Hosting Overnight Guests."

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