Unspoken Rules of Hosting Overnight Guests

Posted on 06/02/2020 at 09:00 AM by Deonna Adams

Being a Gracious Host Goes a Long Way

Many people are looking to travel and visit family and friends. What do overnight guests expect? Having house guests can be very exciting, but can also cause some anxiety.

Most of the time when I visit friends and family I want to stay in a hotel where I can be comfortable, use my own bathroom, and relax in my pajamas whenever I want. There's also the issue of privacy.

Consider Your Guest Needs First

Thinking about the things you would want if you stayed with someone would make you an awesome host. Let's talk about a few things that can be done to make the best experience for our overnight guests.

Considering what you would like to see when visiting others can help you prepare your home for guests so they not only come back but look forward to the visit!

1. Have Room for Luggage

Traveling lightly is not a common thing for most people, so having an area easily accessible for their luggage in the room is a huge plus.

You could always opt for a luggage rack or use something you already have in your home. Some other fantastic options are a classic bench or a folding chair.  Your guests will be happy to have a place to either unpack their luggage or have something they can rest their suitcases on.

A nice bench for your suitcasesFolding chair for luggage

2. Provide Extra Toiletries 

I think all of us at one time traveled and forgot something. I'm notorious for forgetting my toothbrush or a bar of soap. Almost every time! What a nice gesture to have a welcome basket on the bed for your guest. 

You can include items such as lotion, extra toothbrush, bottled water, and their favorite snacks. Its fun to put together and is always appreciated by your guests. Also, have a designated space in the bathroom for your guest to use. Whether it's a shelve on the wall or in the medicine cabinet.

 A unique wall shelve  White and Silver soap dispenser for the bathroom or kitchen

3. Have Extra Blankets & Pillows on hand

One of the hardest things for me when staying with someone is I can not control the temperature. Providing a fan, a way to open the windows or heater goes a long way.

In addition, make your guests comfortable by having extra blankets, and pillows somewhere that is easily seen. Putting an extra throw blanket on the bed can add color, style, and of course warmth to your guest's room.

Warm throw blanket for the bed or couch. 

4. Keep your Guest Comfortable

The best way to keep your guest comfortable is by anticipating their needs. Adding a tv with Netflix and Hulu would be a nice touch.  A warm blanket and nice quality sheets will help them sleep well!

Some might say why go through all of this if someone is just staying a few days? Having a friend or family member stay with you is creating another timeless memory.

Make that memory great by doing little things to make those days as enjoyable as you can. Ask your guest...How did you sleep? What do you like for breakfast?

The majority of people would respond kindly to those questions as not to come off as rude, but the fact that you asked goes a long way. Putting a little effort into preparing for our overnight guests will be received well and give us great satisfaction!

A warm comfortable bed and comforter


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