6 Legitimately Fantastic Farmhouse Decorating Products to Buy Right Now

Posted on 03/01/2022 at 09:00 AM by Deonna Adams

How would you define the farmhouse decorating style?

Farmhouse bedroom


You will find many different farmhouse decorating ideas if you search the internet. However, the most popular farmhouse decorating style you will find is the “modern farmhouse” decorating style. Whether it’s French, modern, or traditional farmhouse, the one thing you will see is they all have in common is a mix of old and new.

When it comes to decorating your home, what do you like most about your home when you look at your space? What type of decorating defines your home? If your looking for a change, farmhouse decorating is easy. 

Transforming your home doesn't necessarily mean buying new furniture in every room, but just replacing the minor things in your home can quickly transform your home into a modern farmhouse.

Farmhouse Home Decor Products you Must Have!

1. Farmhouse Bed

farmhouse bed


While the traditional upholstered bed is trendy and fits the farmhouse style great, there is a Farmhouse bed seen almost everywhere. What’s that? It’s the vintage metal farmhouse bed. 

Continue the farmhouse theme with a shiplap accent wall and two modern farmhouse nightstands. Finally, bring some patterned to your room with canvas paintings, wall sconces, and a big, bold mirror

Don’t forget to add farmhouse bedding to compliment your home decor style. Keep it classic with a white coverlet, or add a pop of color with a vividly patterned duvet.

2. Add Texture with a Farmhouse Rug

Farmhouse rug


Create an inviting atmosphere by placing an area rug on your floor. An area rug can bring in color and texture. It’s nothing like sliding your feet on a nice plush rug. 

Select a bold patterned rug with hues of grey cream and black. If you want more color patterns, such as floral shapes and other bold designs will be perfect for giving your farmhouse a splash of color. 

3. Farmhouse Home Decor

Farmhouse lighting


Decorating your home and choosing home decor that matches your personality can be very rewarding.

  • Light Fixtures

Give your home a makeover by enhancing the natural light that comes in your home. If you struggle with having a lot of natural light, brighten up your room with a gold floor lamp or farmhouse pendant. 

  • Wall Decor 

When you go shopping and find little gems that you want to add to your home, you will need somewhere to put them. Wood shelving can add a nice touch to your farmhouse room. Framed art can add color or a classic vintage theme to the room. 

4. Farmhouse Furniture

Farmhouse hoosier cabinet


The furniture you choose can be a big part of transforming your home into a farmhouse dream. Mid-century modern furniture complements the farmhouse style well and definitely, can give the room a mix of old and new.

You might be wondering what mid-century modern style is? The Spruce defines it perfectly! 

“This term refers to the dominant furnishings of the mid-20th century—simple, functional wooden pieces made from teak and curved designs reigned supreme. "Midcentury modern design evolved in response to a post-World War II environment," designer Liza Kuhn explains. "Designers and architects were eager to develop new ideas that married the mass production and technology invented during the first half of the 20th century with a more optimistic outlook for the future."

Adding mid-century modern furniture to your farmhouse-decorated home will be the perfect touch!

5. Farmhouse Color Tones 

Farmhouse Color Tones


We usually see grays, creams, black, and sometimes blues and greens when it comes to farmhouse color tones.

But remember, your home is an expression of you, so if you want bright colors, add whatever colors you want. If you don’t want to paint and change your wall color, paint an accent wall or decorate with peel and stick wallpaper. 

6. Farmhouse Living Room 

Farmhouse living room


Slipcover furniture is a classic when it comes to the farmhouse style. With many fabrics and chair and sofa styles to choose from, fully upholstered and slipcover sofas are a great choice. In addition, wooden cross-back chairs are a great addition to a rustic home.

Would you like a little bit of Farmhouse Inspiration?

Click the links below to find some of our most popular farmhouse products! 

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