The Best Approach to Decorating with Pine Furniture

Posted on 05/25/2021 at 03:00 PM by Deonna Adams

Is Pine Furniture Still Popular? 

Hoosier pine cabinet

I think it’s safe to say that pine furniture was popular in the ’70s. Yield house pine furniture was a famous manufacturer during this time.  But, what about now? Most younger generations would say that decorating with pine furniture belongs in the past. 

However, with current decor trends, pine furniture definitely can upgrade any space. Think about the current decor trend of mid-century modern.

The mid-century modern decor style is a nice blend of old and new. You will often see wood furniture mixed in with more contemporary materials like metals, soft textures, and neutral colors. So is wood furniture making a comeback?

Absolutely! Decorating with wood furniture can add warmth and charm to a room. When it comes to pine furniture, expect a more traditional style with a rustic ambiance.

Pine furniture is often referred to as “knotty pine” because of the knots bleeding through the painted pine furniture pieces after time has passed. For this reason, some people either love or hate pine furniture. If you are going for a more modern look, your probably will not like decorating with pine.

Pine furniture often compliments the farmhouse and cottage style perfectly. With the farmhouse decor style being popular these days, you can go into most home decor stores and see farmhouse decor elements everywhere in the store. 


How to Decorate with Pine Furniture? 

pine dinning room table

There are some benefits to decorating with pine furniture, depending on where you purchase your pine furniture. For instance, American Country offers its Southern Pine Furniture collection

The Southern Pine Collection can be customizable to your space by selecting the base interior color and knobs. Other options may be available to customize the perfect piece of furniture for your home, depending on the furniture piece.

With different color finishes available, decorating with pine furniture is made easy. Natural pine furniture often goes well with pastel colors, such as mint and blush pink. However, It’s essential to choose contrasting colors when decorating with pine.

Carry whatever colors you choose throughout the room. Add pops of color by using different fabrics and patterns in your throw pillows and rugs.   


What Should You Know About Pine Furniture? 

pine furniture kitchen island

As we spoke about earlier, pine furniture is also known as “knotty pine.” The reason is due to natural resins within the knots and grains. American Country Homestore makes every effort to conceal the knots and grains on our painted finishes.

However, we cannot eliminate them or guarantee to control them. Over time, some sooner than later, the knots and grains may bleed through and discolor the finish. Bleeding knots may be more apparent on light color finishes. 

This discoloration is not to be considered a defect in craftsmanship. Irregularities in the finishes are not considered defects. Instead, they are just another beautiful element of decorating with pine furniture.

Not Sure About Pine Furniture? 

Danish wood furniture

So maybe pine furniture would not be your first choice of wood to use in decorating. Perhaps you want clean lines and a more contemporary style to your home. If so, decorating with our Danish Farmhouse Collection will add a modern and fresh look to any space. 

With the French countryside’s quaint charm and the coastal flair of the Eastern Seaboard, our Danish Farmhouse collection forms a comprehensive range befitting the dining area, living space, or bedroom.

Our hickory furniture is perfect for any decor and beautiful in a rustic lodge or cabin home for a different look. You will not be disappointed in the quality and craftsmanship of this Hickory furniture. It will be something to pass on to future generations. 


Are you looking for wood furniture pieces? 

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