The Best 10 Wicker Furniture Products, Period

Posted on 04/29/2021 at 12:00 AM by Deonna Adams

Wicker Rattan Furniture for an Outdoor Patio

outdoor wicker

Spring is here, and hopefully, warm weather is here to stay! Decorating a covered porch, backyard patio, or balcony can be much fun and a great way to express your style. Have you thought about using wicker furniture for your outdoor patio? 
When most people think about wicker, the first thought that comes to mind is white wicker furniture sets on the porch in the country. While we love that nostalgic look, wicker furniture can be so much more than that. 
Bring a touch of country charm to your home with wicker furniture. From chairs and ottomans, to couches and sofas decorate your space and create a classic look. While you may be inclined to keep the wicker outside, consider bringing the sunshine into your home with light wicker furniture. 
Wicker can be a perfect addition to a beach or coastal theme home. Wicker frames come in various colors to match any home decor theme. Choosing furniture for a second home, rental property, or community space can be challenging. American Country Home Store is proud to sell pieces that can withstand harsh climates, sandy bottoms, and the unpredictable habits of rental guests.
American Country’s wicker furniture is durable and excellent quality furniture that will last you for years to come. We hope you enjoy reading about the wicker furniture we carry.

Indoor Wicker Cottage Furniture

Clarissa wicker furniture

Indoor real wicker furniture is durably made of natural materials such as rattan poles and bamboo. Therefore, it would not be best to use this outdoors or even a covered patio unless you put them in an area on a covered porch where there is no sun. This will prevent the fibers from deteriorating over time due to moisture and sun damage. 

American Country’s Indoor Wicker Collections 

1. Bar Harbor Wicker

Our Bar Harbor collection includes indoor and outdoor wicker furniture. With various fabrics and finishes to choose from, this wicker collection could easily pair with any home decor. The supportive design features seats on woven jute webbing for added flexibility and strength.  

2. Rockport Wicker (White Wicker Furniture) 

 Suppose you’re looking for the wicker furniture that you use to see when you visit your grandparents. Well, you will love our Rockport Wicker collection! White wicker chairs and wicker sofas are reminding us of the past are so nostalgic. 
Choose a distressed white frame or a more traditional frame color along with a coordinating fabric. Mix it up a bit and style the Bar Harbor wicker set with the Rockport collection.

3. Harbor Front Wicker 

The Harbor Front wicker collection is similar in style to the Bar Harbor. It is excellent for small spaces. You will find it is more accurately described as miniature wicker furniture, and it costs less than Bar Harbor wicker. Harbor Front is perfect for the small spaces in your home. 

4. Naples Wicker 

The Naples collection is constructed of handwoven rattan, uses braids and features our signature pineapple feet. All of the wicker furniture cushions are made using the highest quality polyurethane foam available and then wrapped with Dacron. The foam is soft, but it will not "bottom out" or break down with heavy use. Naples Wicker is perfect for any homemaker or interior design junkie looking for a natural furniture style.

5. Williamsburg Wicker 

The Williamsburg collection features a contemporary wicker look. It is designed with added comfort with its wide arms and deep seats. 
Leather binding is used throughout the construction of this wicker collection, making it suitable as covered porch or patio furniture. 

Outdoor Designer Wicker Furniture 

outdoor wicker furniture

6. Chesapeake Outdoor Wicker

Just like our other wicker collections, the Chesapeake wicker is of excellent quality and will last for years and years. It is suitable for total exposure to the elements, and of course, its deep seat provides ultimate comfort. Find out why this country furniture collection is so popular among designers!

7. Conservatory Outdoor Wicker

If you lean towards more a modern than traditional decor style, then you will love our Conservatory wicker furniture. With a driftwood grey-colored frame and straight lines, this would be a great addition to your outdoor space.  

8. Legacy Outdoor Wicker

The Legacy collection is timeless! Similar in style to the Bar Harbor collection, but with a clean design that will complement a cottage or coastal look. Change the face of this wicker sofa by choosing from an assortment of solid and printed fabrics. The outdoor collection is constructed of aluminum frame and polyethylene weave and is suitable for total outdoor exposure.

Porch Wicker Furniture

Porch wicker furniture

Our porch wicker is only suitable for limited exposure to the elements. Porch wicker is made from natural materials, so as long as it is not left exposed to sun or rain for extended periods, this beautiful wicker furniture will last you a long time. 

TIP: Don’t see an outdoor collection you like? Use any of our Indoor wicker furniture for your sunroom. 

Porch Wicker Collection 

9. Clarissa Wicker

Clarissa’s transitional design makes it easy to incorporate pieces into other styles of wicker. Items from this collection are a great match for anyone with a mis-matched set.

10. Windsor Wicker

For a more traditional decor style, check out our Windsor wicker collection. With straight lines and free shipping, this wicker set will be perfect for your front porch! 

Unsure how to decorate with wicker furniture? Read our blog post " The Ultimate Guide to Decorating with Wicker and Rattan Furniture."


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