4 Brilliant Ideas for Small Space Decorating

Posted on 04/15/2021 at 12:00 AM by Deonna Adams

What are the Challenges of Decorating a Small Space?

Small living room with slipcover sofa

The rising popularity of tiny houses can be attributed to the latest trend in consumer behavior: opting for a home with less space and more charm. Naturally, social media and television have responded with a tidal wave of design and decor inspiration. So, what are some small house ideas for decorating your space?

Don’t let having a small space intimidate you! Working with small spaces can be a challenge, but also a way for you to express your creativity. Once you get started, you’ll develop a great eye for ways to personalize all the smallest places in your home. From book nooks and mudrooms to offices and dens! 

There are many reasons for having a small space. One benefit of a tiny space is the smaller the space, the less you have to clean. You will also be less likely to overspend on home furnishings since your space is not that big to begin with. 

Given the right interior design, even the smallest spaces can be both functional and creative. Keep reading to find out how you can use home decor to maximize space and charm in any of your smallest rooms. 

Fall in Love With a Small but Functional Space 

1. Color Palette

Starting with the right color palette is fundamental to making your room feel brighter and larger. Choosing the best paint colors for small rooms is the first step in creating a vibrant and welcoming space.

Neutral and soft tones will make the room feel more inviting. Hues of yellow, green, or light grey will catch more light and add dimension to the room. When blending tiny spaces into the rest of your home, be sure to use paint colors that flow from room to room for a smooth, seamless look.

2. The Right Furniture

Finding the right furniture for each room can be easier than you think. If you are ready to try new furniture, consider purchasing multifunctional furniture for your small space. For example, add some versatility to your space by choosing a sleeper sofa. This provides you with additional seating and doubles as a place for guests to sleep when they visit!

Our customizable Danielle slipcover sofa would be a great option for anyone with a specific vision for their space. Double up on functionality and creativity by selecting from a variety of fabric, cushions, and even the kind of mattress. 

Need something simple and straightforward? Small space experts across the globe consider storage benches a staple of home decor and interior design. Adding a storage bench would also add seating in your living room without taking up additional space, and allow you to stow away items that you’d rather not display for guests.

If you have enough seating but not enough countertop space, consider nesting tables! These tables can be used in different rooms and can be easily stacked when not in use. Perfect for holidays or parties when you might need an extra surface! 

3. Create Storage 

Home storage

Creating storage will help keep a small home clutter-free and organized. In the bedroom, add storage underneath the bed by combining bed risers and plastic bins. Most people like to have a mirror in their bedroom so why not use a metal framed mirror with a wall shelving unit

In other rooms, utilize vertical space by adding wall shelves, and storage cabinets. A coffee table that rises up and has storage underneath will also give you a place to put your bills, remote controls, or coasters. For small items like your keys and coins use small decorative baskets

4. Add Great Lighting

Lighting is important in every room, but some rooms need more attention to lighting than others. Choosing the appropriate lighting comes down to what you use your space for. A small living room is typically multi-functional.

We spend time with friends and family, read, enjoy tv shows, and just relax. So the lighting we use should work for all the activities that we do in our living room. 
Choosing fun and modern light fixtures can be fun, but sometimes it’s not just about the light fixture. Think about where and what you spend most of your time doing in your living room, and then place your table lamps or floor lamps in that area. 

Pay attention to your home design and the type of light bulbs you use depending on what type of light you want to add to the room. If you want a warm light that is great for relaxing choose a warm yellow incandescent light bulb. If you have a lot of windows, utilize natural light to help make your room feel brighter and bigger. 

Choose Home Decor That Expresses You

home decor

One of the most enjoyable aspects of interior decorating for a small space is going into the store or shopping online to find decor that you love. Recycled and repurposed home decor can give your small space a unique but charming look.

It may seem like small furniture and fixture items get all the attention, but little decor items can bring a big personality into your tight spaces. Look for items that add to the overall color theme of the room, but also make the space unique to you. 

If you would like more tips on decorating a small space. Read our blog post "How to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space".

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