8 Styles of Log Cabin Decorating (Part 2)

Posted on 12/28/2020 at 10:32 AM by Becky Smith

What Exactly is a Log Cabin?

You picked out your dream location and property for your cabin. Now it's time to start putting all the decorating ideas you found on Pinterest into action! In order to help you create the perfect look, we will talk about eight styles of log cabin decorating. But first, what is a log cabin?

According to Wikipedia, “a log cabin is a house that is made of logs to give it a sophisticated and ancient look. In America and Europe, log cabins were the first houses to be constructed by humans.”

Various Styles to Choose From

Building a custom log cabin provides a variety of options. Not only is the pine family itself vast, offering different colors of wood, but the look and feel of both the exterior and interior come with a lot of choices.

If you are looking to construct a home or just want the appearance of a log home in an already existing dwelling, consider these 8 popular log cabin decorating styles to create a visually appealing house.

1. Northwoods

Nothing says “welcome to Northwoods’ than staying in a log cabin. The Northwoods style is a wonderful design for potential homeowners looking for an affordable option or a cabin rental getaway from the busy city life.

With this log cabin style, choose different colors that complement the surrounding environment. This includes forest green, tan, buffalo check, brown or red, and black.

For log cabin decorating ideas, you can choose moose and bear motifs. You can also go for mounted heads or Northern Pike to decorate the interior of your log cabin home. To top it off, you can choose the fishing and hunting themes.

To construct your Northwood log cabin, you can use pine and birch trees or hickory. Other items you can have inside the log cabin home include old fishing creels, lures and nets, and rustic pine furniture.

2. Mission

Rocking chair in log cabin

Mission is classic southwest décor that you can use to draw inspiration from. With the Mission log cabin style, it is advisable to use muted tones and sunset or fall colors. This includes rust, gold, pink, peach, and sage.

It is often Spanish inspired. Use stucco and adobe to decorate your log cabin. You can also go for Native American rugs and art prints as part of your décor.

While designing your Mission log cabin use straight lines, iron sconces, and crosses.

3. Aspen

Aspen log cabin

If you are looking for that modern and loft look in your log cabin home, Aspen is the style you might like. This style utilizes neutral colors like light oak, cream, white, black, and grey.

The Aspen log cabin style should have minimal pieces, lots of windows, and grand cathedral ceilings. Amenities may include saunas, hot tubs, and other luxuries.

4. Western

western style log cabin

The Western log cabin style is inspired by the classic cabins of the western United States. For the colors, the Western-style utilizes denim blue, black, red, and worn leather.

For the interior décor, go for bandana prints, and horse and cattle motifs. To achieve that classic look, use a watering trough in place of a bathtub and shower.

Other items you can have inside your log cabin home include western wear with things like horse blankets, saddles and horseshoes, chaps and cowboy boots, chuckwagons and triangle dinner bells, ranch and rodeo posters.

5. Lakeside

Lakeside log cabin

The Lakeside cabin is an incredible style for those looking to live a casual life by a body of water; lake life is the best life. Colors include pale blue and white, cream, grey, taupe, and navy.

For the furniture, go for white painted furniture and Adirondack chairs. At the door, you can use sisal rugs to collect tracked-in sand. To achieve that ambient lakeside feeling, you can decorate with found items such as whitebark driftwood, rocks, shells, and decorative shorebirds.

6. Adirondack

Adirondack chair on log cabin porch

The perfect place for hunting getaways during the weekend is the Adirondack style cabin.

The style or colors could be anything from the 20s and 30s. Log cabin quilts are a good starting point. Make sure to use antique and mismatched pieces and of course Adirondack rocking chairs on the porch. Metal roofing is also in keeping with this style.

7. Primitive

primitive log cabin

A primitive log cabin can serve as a great getaway for hunting, fishing or just relaxing.  The style is reminiscent of 1700 to the 1800s. You can use quilts, period pieces, American antiques, and modern appliances hidden behind reproduction cabinets. It should have a heart that is the center of the home.

8. Retro Tourist Cabin

log cabin living space

As the name suggests, the retro tourist cabin style can be anything from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Reminiscent of the tourist camps of these decades, it is a nostalgic leap back into the mid 20th century.  Use camp art signs in addition to pillows and souvenirs.

Make It Yours

Putting time and effort into turning a house into a home is worth it. After a long day, opening up the door to a cozy, warm, and inviting space is the perfect way to end unwind and relax. Using a log cabin for inspiration will undoubtedly provide an oasis.

No matter the style, colors, and decor you choose, make your home exactly what you want it to be. 

After finding the log cabin style that suits your decorating style you will be ready to get to work. Have more questions about how to decorate your log cabin? Read our first post "How to Decorate Your Cabin Part 1"

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