How to Host a Fun Virtual Dinner Party

Posted on November 24, 2020 at 2:00 PM by Deonna Adams

Are You Experiencing Pandemic Fatigue?

Table setting for a virtual dinner

As the pandemic hangs on for dear life many people are experiencing pandemic fatigue. Many will be far away from friends and family and this can add a heavy emotional burden. This makes having a virtual dinner party ideal.

There is a vintage sign that says it best "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to past. It's about learning to dance in the rain"

Combating pandemic fatigue can be as simple as distancing yourself physically but not socially. Spending time with friends and family as much as we can virtually will do a lot to boost your mood, and it will help stabilize you emotionally and mentally. 

Hosting a family dinner is the perfect way to stay connected to family no matter if they are far away or close by. Planning a virtual dinner party can also be fun and rewarding giving you not only something to do but also something to look forward to.

Where Do You Start? 

Preparing for a virtual dinner party

When planning a virtual dinner party get creative and stick to what you would normally do if you were hosting one in person. To make it interesting, create a theme around your dinner based on the family’s favorite movie or tv show. When we get with the family it's always about the food, so create a delicious virtual dinner party menu.

A fun idea would be to tell your guests to prepare a meal from a particular region of the world. Like “Taste of Italy”, or Taco Tuesday. Make sure to have your wine rack stocked with the best wine to pair with your meal.

Having a comfortable place to sit and interact with our family is important. A nice accent chair and ottoman will help you to spend more time sitting at your computer, and enjoying the upbuilding association of your loved ones.

Send an Invitation 

Invitation to a virtual dinner party

When sending an invitation whether virtually or physically make sure it has all of the necessary items included. In addition, to the time and place don’t forget to add additional details about what app you will use to host your dinner.

There are several apps to choose from. Zoom right now seems to be the most popular and is lifting its 40- minute limit for free meetings on certain days. Other apps include Skype, GoogleMeets, and Facetime.  

After choosing which app you are going to use don’t forget to add the link or meeting ID. Also, explain the expectation for the meeting. It’s okay to set a time limit. This way no one will feel obligated to stay longer if they start to have zoom fatigue because of hours of staring at a screen. 

If you decide you want to provide a game or some type of entertainment that will involve your guests be sure to add that in the invitation as well so they will be prepared for it. 

Set The Table 

Table runner and decor

Even though it will only be you and those in your household looking at your fantastically decorated table it will make this dinner feel special. Taking the time to decorate your table will distinguish this meal from the others you’ve had all year. 

Add some color to the table with a nice table runner with matching placemats. Either fold the napkins and put the silverware on top or fold the napkin and put it in a decorative drinking glass. 

Spruce up the table with a fancy but simple centerpiece. Incorporate fresh flowers that match your table decor and tall candles to add a touch of elegance to the room. 

Cherish The Past and Live For The Moment

Virtual family dinner

When reflecting on the past and the enjoyable time we have spent over the years we may feel sad that we are unable to see our loved ones in person. However, may we use the circumstances that we have to the full. 

There are so many positives by still gathering with our family virtually. The family continues to remain not only close but healthy, and safe as well. Make this dinner memorable by taking a family photo, never forgetting these momentous times. 

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