6 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room

Posted on 08/18/2020 at 09:30 AM by Deonna Adams

Where to start when preparing for college life

Decorated dorm room


Preparing to go to college is exciting and often feels like the first step towards independence. During the pandemic, however, a new burden is upon those who are starting this brand new phase of life. Without the social interactions that we are used to it may cause us to hold on to things that remind us of home. Even though a dorm room is limited in size, let's talk about how we can get the best use out of a small space and personalize it to your individual taste.


1. Decorate with you in mind


It’s important when you are in a new place to feel as comfortable as possible where you live. You can achieve this by decorating your room in a way that reflects your personality. To help you with this think of the things that make you happy. If you like a beautiful sunset, why not add wall decor with a sunset. If you like pastel colors, and these colors when choosing your bedding and other accessories. 


2. Choose Multi-purpose Furniture


If purchasing new furniture think about furniture that you can use for different purposes. For instance by a bed with a frame that has drawers. Using risers will lift your bed and give it a loft look. This is great because you can add storage baskets underneath the bed. If you want to have additional seating available for friends and reading why not use a storage bench.  


Tip: If you have a closet, you can try putting a dresser in the closet. This will help to utilize the space on the floor. 


3. Get an area rug

shag area rug perfect for small spaces

Oftentimes the floor in dorm rooms is less than appealing. Normally they have tile or old carpet. So add some personality and comfort to the room with a great area rug. No one wants to wake up in the morning and step on a cold floor. Also, it will probably make you more comfortable laying on the floor if you know the rug is brand new. Use a fluffy or shag rug to make reading on a hard floor much more comfortable.


4. Use string lights

String lights are my favorite because they can add so much warmth to the room. It could also prevent you from having to get up and turn the light off!  String lights can help to relax you. The lights in your dorm will more than likely be bright and harsh. Having the string lights will help you wind down at night making it easier for you to fall asleep. 


Hint: Make sure these are allowed before you purchase them.


5. Get a tall leaning mirror

Floor mirrors are perfect for dorm rooms. Not only do they give your room a homey feel, but they can be used for different purposes, and they're great because you don't have to hang them on the wall. Hang your long necklaces on your mirror, and put an area rug in front so you can sit and do your hair and makeup. These mirrors are also great for Instagram when taking selfies!


6. Choose comfortable bedding

perfect bedding for a college dorm

Sleep is where we recover mentally, and physically after a long day. Help give yourself a good night's rest by having comfortable bedding. A fitted sheet and top sheet should be the base. Adding a duvet cover will give you the option to easily change the style of your bedding in the future if you choose. If you want to hide the baskets or storage bins underneath your bed add a bed skirt. Fun throws and pillows will enhance your room and give your room that personal touch.


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