How to Make the Best At-Home Learning Space

Posted on 07/28/2020 at 10:45 AM by Deonna Adams

How do You Help Your Children Get The Most Out of Learning From Home?

The nation is still dealing with the global pandemic, but with the new school year approaching many parents are faced with the decision of whether or not to send their children to school or to choose virtual learning. Keeping children engaged and excited can be challenging. 

Everyone’s circumstances and children are different. What works for one family may not work for another. Allowing your children to have input in creating their work area will help put them at ease, and is an important step to maximize the potential for them to learn at home. 

So, let's discuss a few ways you can help your kids feel comfortable in their new learning space if you choose to home school them. 

1. Design a Quiet Workspace

Storage options for workspace

If possible have a designated virtual classroom learning space for each child. This will help provide the best possible online learning experience as siblings may have a hard time sharing a desk or supplies. If it's not possible for them to have their own space put up a divider like a trifold board or a tabletop screen. 

To help drown out the noise from another room, we recommend the use of noise-canceling headphones or a white noise machine. Adequate lighting with the right light fixture and a low-profile desk will make your little students comfortable. Minimize distractions by removing unnecessary electronic devices and keeping their workspace clutter free. 

Try to avoid making their bedroom a place where they will be learning. Using a bedroom where he or she sleeps can be confusing to them and create a stressful environment. It will be hard for them to separate the two spaces. It will also add many distractions. 

2. Create Easy Storage Options & Minimize Clutter

Storage Locker storage options


Using multi-purpose furniture will help with storing everything your child needs to be set up for success with their online education. Using a great storage solution will prevent having to use a lot of furniture and making the room feel crowded and small.  Floor shelves are great because they allow them to reach their school supplies without much help. 

It's much better for them to feel like they can do a lot on their own without constantly having to stop to ask for help. If space is tight use floating shelves.  

After designing a space for learning its time to remove clutter and distractions. Having a lot of toys, books, and supplies laying around can make it difficult to concentrate. 

Declutter the space by adding storage baskets, and removing no-essential items from the room. Label drawers and create a sorting area where homework and other worksheets can go. This will help him or her to be able to clean up easily and grab items they need quickly. Hang a corkboard to place reminders and a calendar. 



3. Make a Fun & Creative Room

Fun learning space for kids

While it's important to have everything they need in the room to help with student learning, you also want them to have what they need to have fun and relax. Having a table for group games and crafts will help. Use floor pillows so they can stretch out and read comfortably if necessary. If they like to paint why not set up an easel. This is your chance to join the thousands of creative people out there who have come up with unique solutions to keep their learning space fun.

Customize the space for them so it reflects their personality. Create little areas within the space for certain subjects. Depending on your homeschool curriculum, one area could be for math and another for arts and crafts for your little creative person, etc. Showcase their past projects, and hang them on the wall.


Not All Change is Bad

While the transition into virtual learning may not be easy and have a lot of cons there are some benefits that can be appreciated. One of the greatest benefits is that you can encourage your child's development with more engaged face to face teaching and learning. When setting up a classroom in your home designed specifically with them in mind they will see that you care for them and in turn, will love you even more. 

We want to help you create a functional space. Contact us at 800-765-1688 for ideas and tips or send us an email at

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