How to Create the Perfect Atmosphere in Your Bedroom

Posted on 07/14/2020 at 09:00 AM by Deonna Adams


How does the Atmosphere of Your Bedroom Affect You?

After a long stressful day coming home is something I look forward to. A clean and organized home relieves the stress of the day and brings great pleasure to my heart. When it comes to the atmosphere of your bedroom how does your bedroom affect you? Does it add to your stress? Or, does it help you achieve the best sleep possible? Everyone is different when it comes to what is required to have a good night’s sleep. Some like it dark and cool, while others don’t mind the light or the heat. Let’s talk about some ways your room can bring you the relaxation needed. 

Turn Down the Light

I love windows in a bedroom that brings lots of natural light. However, when it comes to sleep natural light can be your worst enemy. For those days when you need extra sleep in the morning, or you want to avoid the light shining in from the street lights try these three things:

  1. Use blackout shades. This can be a rather inexpensive way to solve the problem. Use black paper shades to cover your window. It works great.

  2. Treat your window with a film. This doesn’t make the room super dark but will help block out some natural light.

  3. Use curtain liners. A current liner gives you the ability to select from a variety of curtains without having to worry about selecting from a small selection of blackout curtains. 

FYI! Using a thermal liner will also save you money, by lowering your heat and electric bill. 

Create a Warm and Cozy Environment

Kalalou table lamp

At night when you are looking to whine down a comfortable accent chair can give you the relaxation that’s much needed. Adding a few lamps with dimmer light bulbs will bring a cozy vibe to the room. Use wall sconces above your headboard to add additional wall lighting. Also, if you are a light sleeper a noise-canceling machine can help be sleep undisturbed.

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Make Your Room Comfortable for You

Taylor Linens Duvet Cover

If you're like me I want my room to be cool at night, and then snuggle up with a warm comforter during the night. If you don’t like a heavy blanket use a quilt. Using a quilt or duvet cover made out of Matelasse is not only durable but lightweight. It allows you to stay warm but comfortable during the night. Duvet covers are great if you want to change the look of your room frequently or if you have overnight guests often. It’s much easier to wash a duvet cover than a comforter. 

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Use Textiles

Dash & Albert Kali Jute Rug

Textiles can bring out the best of your space. Textiles can go a long way in changing the mood of your space. Surprisingly yellow, reds, and pinks can help give you a cozy retreat that you will be proud of. Use fluffy throw pillows, blankets, and wall art to bring to these colors to your room. Area rugs also help to take your room to the next level.

Most of the time the bedroom is the last place we choose to decorate. We may feel like people who visit our home will never see our bedroom. Invest in yourself and your comfort when it comes to having a place you can retreat to at night. Have a bedroom you're proud to leave the door open. You will be happy when you create a space just for you, and you'll find yourself spending more time in your new cozy bedroom!

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