How to Choose the Best Outdoor Rug

Posted on 05/19/2020 at 09:00 AM by Deonna Adams

How to Choose The Best Outdoor Rug

Diamond Light Blue/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug by Dash & Albert


The sounds and smells of spring and summer are here. All I want to do is be outside. I look outside and notice there is nothing inviting about my patio area. Where do you start with transforming your boring patio area into an inviting outdoor oasis? Adding a stylish outdoor rug will add style to your space. Patio rugs are available in many different styles, colors, and protection. So, how do you decide which and what rug to select? While deciding, read our guide and learn about the best materials to use and how to use an outdoor rug.


Using the Best Rug Materials 


Bring on the mess!  Indoors and out. When it comes to outdoor rugs polypropylene is the most popular outdoor rug material. It is stain-resistant, and easy to clean. It’s perfect for outside because it won't fade from sunlight, it can handle high moisture and heavy traffic. Polypropylene rugs feel the same as any other natural fiber rugs. Our Indoor/Outdoor Rag Rugs are colorfast, weather-wise champs, and handles high-traffic areas and muddy messes, indoors, and out. Made from super-heroic polypropylene, our all-purpose Rain or Shine™ comes in dashing diamond and ticking patterns to fit any décor. Machine washable.  Scrubbable.  Bleachable (honest!). Dries in a flash.


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Dash & Albert Outdoor RugDash & Albert Outdoor Rugs


Jute rugs are best for covered patios. Natural fiber rugs are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Renewable resources such as cotton, paper, sisal, bamboo, and jute contribute to the luxurious feel of quality rugs and floor coverings. Jute is not the easiest to clean, and it will fade from sunlight. Also, you can experience mold and mildew if constantly in wet weather. This is why we recommend Jute rugs for covered patio spaces!
Shopping for colors online can be tricky. To make sure you will be happy with your rug selection, we offer samples for your review.


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Outdoor Rugs Shapes & Sizes

When thinking about what size and space of the rug you want to buy first you want to consider the dimensions of your outdoor space. If you have a large space your rug should cover the majority of the patio. If you decide to use a smaller rug make sure the furniture you use will be able to sit on top of the rug with some of it still exposed. Generally, you want the rug to be at least 2" wider than the table. Patios tables normally look nice with round rugs, and outdoor seating looks really nice with a rectangular rug. There are so many options to choose from these days. Our braided outdoor rugs are available in  2' x 3' to 8' x 10' sizes, runner lengths, and even a generous 7'6" round in the Ultra-durable rugs.

Outdoor Braided RugBlack Forest Ultra Durable Braided Rug


Bring your outdoor rugs in during colder months, and add versatility to your indoor space. Use them in the kitchen, or in the entryway of your home!


There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right rug. Check out all of our options for indoor/outdoor rugs. When selecting a rug also think about choosing the optional rug pad which is non-slip, cushioned, and essential for the long life of your rugs. Rug pads not only keep area rugs from sliding on hard surfaces like tile and wood floors, but they also provide added cushioning while helping dirt to pass through the weave for a cleaner, more comfortable home. Rug pads are essential companions for any rug and a great way to protect your investment.





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