Decor Trends From The '70s Back In Style

Posted on 04/21/2020 at 09:00 AM by Deonna Adams

'70s Style, Modernized.

Growing up, my parents had a dazzling kitchen decorated with orange and brown. I must say I tried to forget it. However, it is true what they say ‘the past repeats itself”. The “eclectic hippie”  style that we loved of the ’70s was at one time forgotten and replaced by modern, minimalist style. 70’s style has reclaimed its footprint in today’s home decor trends. Now is the time to shop for the treasures in your parent's basement. 

   Gold Fringe Tiered Pendant Light

Embrace the 70’s in your home. Boho, fringe, shag, and rattan is back in style, and we are big fans! Will you love it or forget it? I love this Love Shack Kantha Pillow below.


Shag carpeting is a classic carpet style. Add texture to your home and create a unique space with a shag area rug. Check out this Zags Denim Woven Wool Rug by Dash & Albert. The Zags Denim Wool Rug is naturally stain resistant, and regular vacuuming will keep this natural wool rug at its best.



Rattan furniture was incredibly popular in the 1970s. It's back, and we can't get enough of its versatility. Like this boho-inspired Rattan Lantern Pendant Light or these  Salsa Rattan Dining Chairs that gives a comfortable, laid back feeling to your space. Why not lounge in this Michelangelo daybed.



So... what have you decided? Are you going to love it or forget? Creating a space with  '70s home decor trends can be as simple as adding a few accessories. Whatever  you decide,  love and own your design style and personal taste.


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