Gardening as an Escape

Posted on 03/24/2020 at 05:23 PM by Maggie Wynja

The therapeutic value of the garden in trying times

If someone were to say I must self-isolate in the garden for the next few weeks, I would shake him or her by the hand. If I could. Here’s a thumbs up from a distance of six feet or more. The neighborhood sidewalks and nature trails are thronged with the cabin-fevered, so what better place to be outdoors and yet away from others than in your backyard and garden?

Time to take a break? You can sit out there with the newspaper and enjoy a cup of coffee...note the Nico Bistro table set fits into most garden areas.

The garden fork makes short work of heavy soil. Work backward to avoid treading on newly turned seed beds. (iStock)

The key to these projects is pacing. If you are weary, stop, and if you are worried about missing the spring planting window because a project is taking too long, just attend to the planting later. (Tender plants don’t go outside until May, and the best season for cool-season veggies is late summer into autumn.)

Maybe it's time to call it a day and have a glass of wine!  Here's our Nico Set in painted black to blend into the garden area.

Do set aside a cozy place to sit; all you need is a flat area, a couple of garden chairs and a table, and perhaps an umbrella against the sun.


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