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Posted on March 6, 2020 at 10:00 AM by Maggie Wynja

Transitioning from Winter to Spring in Preparation for Summer

I have found that the cold icy months are the very best time to order new plants for the gardens and plans for landscaping decks or patios for the coming spring. In only a few short months it will be spring and with plenty of outdoor activities, projects and planting to be done, you will be happy you took the time now to plan. Keep in mind that patio furniture may take three months to deliver, so order now so it will arrive in time for any summertime events.

How to Plan Your SpaceThe Kamea Sectional Group

Start with measuring the area. Remember that many locations are not level and may need special attention. Place a stake at each corner of the space at the lowest point. Tie a string to each stake and use a bubble level to determine where the level point is. A patio or deck should lean slightly (about 1/2″) away from any buildings to prevent water runoff. A vegetable or flower garden should be relatively flat to ensure that water is absorbed efficiently.


Garden Landscape Planning

Haste Garden Nico Outdoor Folding SetGarden and landscape planning is easily done indoors.

Pick a sunny spot by a window. This will put you in the right mindset to begin planning. If you receive seed and plant catalogs, pull them out for inspiration. Some of my favorites are BurpeeSpringhilland Gurneys.

Some states have DNR publications that offer trees, shrubs, and other plants at a discount. Clip pictures or visit social media sights for garden inspiration. The more inspiration you can glean from these, the better your project will be.

For folding chairs to fit any outdoor space, we recommend the Nico folding outdoor chair. Made in Poland, the Nico folding outdoor chair is the best quality folding chair that you will ever find.  The wood is made from Robinia wood commonly called black locust.  Robinia is a first resistance class wood along with the most valuable European timbers featuring excellent hardness and is extremely resistant to decay.

These qualities make it extremely versatile for exclusive outdoor furniture. All the wood used in the manufacture of our furniture is sourced from Europe and is 100% FSC certificated.  It features a straight grain structure, the absence of knots, splits or cracks and an even overall color.  The frame is made from steel, powder-coated and baked-on enamel paint for total outdoor use. 

Let your creative juices flow.

Sketch out a few ideas, even if they are unrealistic. This will give you a starting place. You can always add or delete something later.

For decks, patios, or landscaping, consider the scope of your project and determine if you need to hire contractors and landscape companies. Entice family and friends to help with the project. You can pay them back with a backyard barbeque later this summer.

Keep in mind that summer is a few short months away. Enjoy your future space while planning it. Walkthrough a day. Have coffee on the deck, follow by picking vegetables in the garden and taking a bouquet of flowers from your garden to a friend. Have wine on the porch, a fire in your backyard fire-pit with toasted marshmallows, and suddenly the winter has gone away. Summer is here, replete with all of the wonderful sights, sounds, and smells.  Do I hear crickets?

Go out for ice cream. I don’t realize where you stay, however, nothing says spring in New England just like the beginning of the self-made ice cream stands. A Sunday afternoon trip along the returned roads on the lookout for a brand-new mom and dad ice cream keep striving summarizes the appropriate spring day to me!
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