What are Matelassé Coverlets

Posted on 01/20/2019 at 05:48 PM by Maggie Wynja

Get to know the history and fine design features that make matelassé coverlets a must for your bedroom. We'll tell you everything you need to know about this bed covering that celebrates the art of French weaving. First...how do you say “matelassé”? The French have a word for this elegant coverlet, and it’s easy to say once you know how. The pronunciation we favor is “MOT-lah-say.” See? You do speak French, after all.  See our Hudson Matelassé by Taylor Linens....so soft and cozy!
Matelassé is a woven fabric that's used in various aspects of home decor, especially bedding. Its thick, patterned texture gives bedding a classic look and rich feel. Matelassé is woven on a special French jacquard loom to produce the look of a quilt without the use of stitching. Threads from the front and back layers of fabric are interwoven to produce a variety of patterns, including geometrics, florals, stripes and other divine designs. The result is a luxurious cross between a blanket and a coverlet. Oui, matelassé looks like it uses batting, but it’s really just two pieces of fabric beautifully woven together. See Interlaken Ink Matelassé by Pine Cone Hill.

See Kerala Natural Matelassé by Pine Cone Hill.
Here’s how matelassé coverlets compare with other bed coverings:

• Quilts may appear to be similar to matelassé, but quilts actually feature two pieces of fabric with an internal batting or filling that are stitched, not woven, into one piece of bedding.
• Comforters are fashionable, cushy bed coverings with plush filling stuffed inside and sealed with stitching.
• Duvet covers provide a decorative layer of protection for a separate, downy bedding insert.

Quilts, comforters and duvet covers involve more layers of material than coverlets, including filling or batting. Lightweight matelassé coverlets feature only two layers of fine, interwoven fabric.
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