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Posted on 12/29/2016 at 12:00 AM by Wendy Muench

Happy New Year 2017!!

It is the time of year to think through the resolutions and make actual changes that can benefit us for the rest of the year. Mud, dirt, laundry and clutter are inevitable.  As a designer, my goal has always been to keep a beautiful functional home, but many days I fell short of this goal and gave up, only to have the next day’s clutter pile on top.

I never have enough space for everything I am trying to store. Even with space to spare, I'm always looking for my keys, shoes, grocery lists and all the receipts I need to file my tax return.  I have searched everywhere and have found some great storage ideas even if you have a really small space. For my keys, mail and all the extras that come in to the house, I now have a special place just for them near the door. Disguised as an old mailbox, this neat little box should do the trick. 

Vintage Mail Box
















For the bedroom or even the walk-in closet, choose a classic linen cupboard in dozens of colors. Store anything from blue jeans, to table linens, towels or stash your shoes out of sight.

Southern Pine Linen Cupboard
















Choose an industrial organizer to hand near the door to sort out all the mail, keys, gloves and coats when multiple family members need their own spot.

Verdi Industrial Wall Organizer

A storage system in a mudroom or entry way is the first step to organization.  American Country even offers custom sizes for a perfect fit.

Custom Lockers (not in set)

















It should house coats, boots, pet supplies, and anything going in or coming out of the house. Dog leash, poo-poo bags & kibble?  Stash them here. Back pack, homework and snow pants for the kiddos? Here also. Last year's clothing earmarked for a charity, have a large attractive box or basket for that.  When it's full, drop it off!

Don't forget the new rug to keep everything neat and clean.  Dash and Albert's Indoor Outdoor Collection like the Catamaran Stripe shown above is easy to clean and holds up to mudroom traffic.

Get going and get organized. It will make the day to day grind run much smoother and enjoyable.

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