Plan Now For Holiday Guests

Posted on November 10, 2016 at 12:00 AM by Wendy Muench

The holidays will soon be here and often, overnight guests. Plan ahead to make the visit go smoothly for everyone. Generally a good cleaning and clearing out any clutter, fresh bedding and towels will suffice. Go one step further with fluffy bathrobes, slippers, extra blankets and/or throws and a few other added touches to make their stay comfortable.

New bedding, or at least sheets are a wonderful way to say” I’m glad you’re here. Plan on two sets of sheets per bed so you can change them quickly for multiple guest visits in the same week. Layer on a comfy bed pad or duck down feather bed, then sheets and either a duvet or quilt. Adding a woolen blanket, throw or fuzzy pillows add to the ambience and winter coziness that is a timeless look for the holidays. If the weather is cold, make sure to leave an extra blanket or throw for cold nights. Add a few shams and pillows, but don’t overdo it. Generally your guests will be spending time sleeping and visiting. Too many pillows or shams can be bothersome, but Euro shams as and fillers are great for reading or watching television. Provide both feather and synthetic pillows for your guests. You can even ask for their preferences ahead of time.


Although it might be fun to pull out all the stops on holiday decorating, too much decorating may feel overwhelming to out of town guests who have to be careful of breakable objects or take up space better used for their personal items. Save a tree and Santa figurines for other areas of the house, and leave the guest room a little stark with essentials for their holiday stay.

Make sure there is a chair or bench for suitcases and room for hanging clothes. If you don’t have closet space, you can provide a few hooks or a hall tree. Leave a basket or dish of frequently used toiletries such as toothpaste, wrapped toothbrushes, disposable razor, shampoo, lotion in the bathroom or bedroom if the bathroom is shared. Don’t forget tissues, extra toilet paper and handy trash receptacles in every room.

At holiday time, leave a few gift bags or wrapping paper handy for any last minute gifts your guests may need to wrap. Don’t forget bottled water, a bottle of wine or other beverage. If possible, a television set for dozing off to the news or a coffee pot for early risers might also be in order. Leave a note with your WIFI password.

If your guests include young children, some early gifts, videos, cookies, a special area for kids with a small table, television, toys will be welcome if you are entertaining young children. If you have your own children give them special jobs hosting visiting children to make sure everyone is included. Visits to Santa or child friendly events can also help make everyone’s stay enjoyable.

Although staying in someone’s home is usually much better than staying in a hotel, remember that your guests are out of their element and may need a little space from the hustle and bustle of a busy holiday stay. A few books or magazines can help wile away a few hours and provide a little down time. Friends and relatives are a joy to entertain, but giving them a little breathing room will make the visit more enjoyable for everyone.

Then sit back and enjoy your guests who will want to come again next year.

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