Welcome to Fall

Posted on 10/05/2015 at 12:00 AM by Maggie Wynja

Autumn stretches out across the land to reveal brilliant vistas of gold, orange, brown and red. The trees sense the imminent cold and hunker down.  The squirrels gather nuts for winter and the deer rut begins. Humans behave much the same way.  At the first sign of a fallen leaf, we move inside, pack away the pool and patio furniture and have the furnace and fireplace checked out.

Suddenly the cool interior looks dull and lackluster. We hunger for warm inviting colors and comfort.  Wool rugs replace sisal. Down comforters,  knitted throws and down duvets are pulled out of storage along with the feather beds and sweaters.

Storage is redefined. The holidays loom overhead and travel plans are made. A new look is in order. Maybe a rustic rocker, wool throw pillow with a holiday or lodge theme, or a new bedding group fills the bill.

Keep it simple. Make it warm and inviting and everyone will say your house is always comfortable. See our Nordic Bedding Collection.

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