New Years Resolutions for 2015: Resolution #1 Organize My Life

Posted on 12/31/2014 at 12:00 AM by Wendy Muench

Happy New Year 2015!!

We have all made resolutions in years past that fell by the wayside after only a few weeks or even days of making them.  This year it is time to think through the resolutions and make actual sustainable changes that can benefit us for the months and years to come. Years of raising children ( and now grandchildren) have taught me that mud, dirt, laundry and clutter are inevitable.  As I designer, my goal was always to keep a beautiful functional home, but many days I fell short of this goal and gave up, only to have the next days clutter pile on top. In the next few days, I will try to wade through the clutter and find new solutions to age old organizational problems.

Resolution #1: Organize the stuff that comes in and goes out of your home. A storage system in a mudroom or entry way is the first step to organization.  It should house coats, boots, pet supplies, and anything going in or coming out of the house. Gifts to return? Put them here along with the receipts, so you see them on your way out the door.  Dog leash, poo-poo bags & kibble?  Stash them here. Back pack, homework and snow pants for the kiddos? Here also. Last year's clothing earmarked for a charity, have a large attractive box or basket for that.  When it's full, drop it off!

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