Hoosier Cabinets, Hutches & Buffets

Hoosier Cabinets, Hutches & Buffets

Pine Furniture 

The 20th century inspired Southern Pine Hoosier Cabinet or Conestoga Cupboard is our most popular kitchen cabinet. Our collection includes dining room china hutches, pie safes, and buffets. Pine furniture painted white will have knots that bleed thru causing yellow round stains. Southern Pine furniture is made in the USA.

Visit our blog about the history of Hoosier Cabinets.

White Painted Furniture
For a contemporary & European style, we now offer Danish Farmhouse in a painted white finish. 
Based in Denmark, production facility is in Indonesia. Carefully selected mahogany is processed through machinery to manufacture each component accurately. 

Our Danish Copenhagen furniture will not have knots bleeding thru the finish since it is made of mahogany - a very hard wood that also offers a smooth finish.

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84"H x 64"W x 17"D


76"H x 49-1/2"W x 26"D



72"H X 35¼"W X 26"D



72¼"H X 49½"W X 26"D


78"H x 38.5"W x 19.5"D


72"H x 56"W x 15"D


72"H X 47"W X 15½"D


85¼"H X 55"W X 18"D


84"H x 53"W x 20"D


34.25"H x 51"W x 20"D


94.5"H x 102"W x 18.25"D


78"H x 57½"W x 12½"D


86¼"H x 86"W x 18"D


37"H x 83"W x 22¼"D


83"H x 70"W x 15½"D


51"H x 70"W x 15½"D


80"H x 52"W x 18½"D


80"H x 52"W x 18½"D


80"H x 52"W x 18½"D


80"H x 53"W x 17-1/2"D


33"H x 53"W x 17.5"D


54"H x 36"W x 15"D


60"H X 40"W X 14"D


78"H x 33½"W x 13"D


56½"H x 46"W x 24"D


78"H x 30"W x 14"D



56"H x 38"W x 16¾"D


67½"H x 27½"W x 14½"D


84.5"H x 68"W x 18"D  


78"H x 38½"W x 22"D


83¾"H x 70"W x 18"D  


32.75" H x 70"W x 18"D  


70"H x 55"W x 17"D


40"H x 51"W x 18"D


36"H x 42"W x 12"D


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Showing 1-36 of 54

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