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Hoosier Cabinets, Hutches & Buffets

Hoosier Cabinets, Kitchen Hutches, Dining Room Hutches, Buffets

Solid Pine case pieces and cabinets for dining room and kitchen storage. We feature pottery cupboards, dining room china hutches, pie safes , wine bars , plate racks and buffets. Glass cabinets and corner cupboards for kitchen, dining room and linen storage.

$1,995.00 Sale $1,596.00

 76"H x 49-1/2"W x 26"D

$1,390.00 Sale $1,112.00

76"H X 35¼"W X 26"D. 

$1,999.00 Sale $1,599.00

72¼"H X 49½"W X 26"D


73"H x 44"W x 19"D


36"H x 46"W x 18"D


82"H x 49"W x 14"D


34"H x 49"W x 13"D


76"H x 68"W x 19"D


33"H x 68"W x 19"D


72"H x 48"W x 20"D

$2,599.00 Sale $2,079.00

84"H X 64"W X 17"D


73"H x 38"W x 19"D

$1,299.00 Sale $1,039.00

78"H x 38.5"W x 19.5"D

$1,699.00 Sale $1,359.00

72"H x 56"W x 15"D

$1,299.00 Sale $1,039.00

72"H X 47"W X 15½"D

$2,399.00 Sale $1,919.00

85¼"H X 55"W X 18"D

$1,999.00 Sale $1,599.00

84"H x 53"W x 20"D

$2,499.00 Sale $1,999.00

80½"H x 42"W x 20"D

$3,199.00 Sale $1,759.00

87"H x 81¼"W x 22"D


81"H x 42"W x 18"D


40"W x 36"H x 18"D

$3,999.00 Sale $3,199.00

94.5"H x 102"W x 18.25"D

$1,429.00 Sale $1,143.00

78"H x 57½"W x 12½"D

$2,199.00 Sale $1,759.00

86¼"H x 86"W x 18"D

$1,899.00 Sale $1,519.00

83"H x 70"W x 15½"D

$1,799.00 Sale $1,439.00

80"H x 52"W x 18½"D

$1,759.00 Sale $1,407.00

80"H x 52"W x 18½"D


80"H x 48"W x 18"D


82"H x 52"W x 18"D

$1,399.00 Sale $1,119.00

80"H x 53"W x 17-1/2"D


73"H x 24"W x 14"D


73"H x 39"W x 14"D


73"H x 39"W x 14"D

40"H x 51"W x 18"D

73"H x 38"W x 19"D

$999.00 Sale $799.00

54"H x 36"W x 15"D


Pie Safe 58"H x 36"W x 14"D

$1,038.00 Sale $830.00

60"H X 40"W X 14"D


60"H x 44"W x 17"D


75"H x 27"W x 13"D

$899.00 Sale $719.00

78"H x 33½"W x 13"D

$1,399.00 Sale $1,119.00

56½"H x 46"W x 24"D

$959.00 Sale $767.00

78"H x 30"W x 14"D

$989.00 Sale $791.00

36"H x 32½"W x 30½"D

$899.00 Sale $719.00

56"H x 38"W x 16¾"D


60"H x 29"W x 14"D


61"H x 24.5"W x 13.5"D

$1,499.00 Sale $1,199.00

78"H x 38½"W x 22"D

$599.00 Sale $479.00

67½"H x 27½"W x 14½"D

$1,899.00 Sale $1,519.00

83¾"H x 70"W x 18"D  

$1,899.00 Sale $1,519.00

70"H x 55"W x 17"D