Accent Tables

Pine Bedside, Coffee, and End Tables, Hall or Foyer Tables

When looking for a pine coffee table, an end table, bedside table or foyer table, our selection offers something for everyone whether it is classic, casual or contemporary. All of the pieces are richly styled and perfect for those who appreciate quality craftsmen from the USA.  Accent tables are versatile, functional, and attractive. Place these tables in front of the sofa, by your favorite chair, your bed, in an entry way or hall, even in the bathroom. Many tables have matching pieces to complete any room. Personalize the tables when selecting a stain or heirloom paint and choosing your favorite hardware.

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18"H x 39"W x 18 1/2"D


23"H x 15"W x 24"D



36"H x 42"W x 12"D


$1,210.00 Sale $847.00

28"H x 56"W x 16"D

$1,028.00 Sale $719.60

24"H x 28"W x 24"D


27"H x 12"W x 27"D


$2,962.00 Sale $2,073.00

37"H x 83"W x 22¼"D

$1,139.00 Sale $797.30

27"H x 52"W x 16"D

$1,121.00 Sale $784.70

17"H x 42"W x 20"D

$814.00 Sale $569.80

22"x 20"W x 27"D

$913.00 Sale $639.10

23"H x 27"W x 27"D

$448.00 Sale $313.60

27.5"H x 24"W x 16"D

$450.00 Sale $315.00

25¼"H x 25"W x 18"D  


$778.00 Sale $544.60

29"H x 40"W x 11"D

$1,082.00 Sale $757.40

18"H x 36"W x 36"D

$632.00 Sale $442.40

 22"H x 21"W x 24"D


$742.00 Sale $519.40

22"H x 22"W x 16"D

$1,095.00 Sale $766.50

30"H x 30"W x 20"D

$814.00 Sale $569.80

30"H x 60"W x 16"D

$1,553.00 Sale $1,087.10

32"H X 54"W X 18"D

$682.00 Sale $477.40

26"H x 17"W x 13"D

$1,080.00 Sale $756.00

27"H x 20"W x 17"D

$505.00 Sale $353.50

27"H x 13"W x 13"D

$588.00 Sale $411.60

26"H x 20"W x 16"D

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Showing 1-24 of 35