Terracotta Rusty Brown Ultra Durable Braided Rug

Terracotta Rusty Brown Ultra Durable
SKU: Terracotta Rusty Brown

This is rug low-maintenance and virtually indestructible. The Terracotta also makes an eye-catching backdrop in the home. With deep terra cotta and soft-beige tones, it’s the perfect accent for any room.

This is an ideal rug for indoor and outdoor living spaces.  This Ultra-Durable  braided rug is made out of man made fibers (Olefin) and designed to withstand the elements and they won't stain, mold, or mildew. They are as versatile as they are beautiful.  Soft and durable they are resistant to pet stains, food stains, and liquid spills.

Price shown is for 20" x 30" oval.


Choose the optional rug pad which is non-slip, cushioned and essential for the long life of your rugs. Rug pads not only keep area rugs from sliding on hard surfaces like tile and wood floors, they provide added cushioning while helping dirt to pass through the weave for a cleaner, more comfortable home. Rug pads are essential companions for any rug and a great way to protect your investment. Organic polymer.

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