28" Sq Table with Cast Iron Base Genoa/Brass

Genoa 28" Table
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Assembly Instructions

Genoa marble looking top in melamine.  This is a laminate...not solid marble.

Werzalit Standard Table Tops

In the restaurant business, hospitality business or at home table tops must withstand tremendous abuse, scratches, acids, grease.

The table tops from Werzalit shrug it all off without a trace. Their patented manufacturing process makes the table tops impervious thermal and chemical Effects. The décor or material based designs are pressed homogeneously against the wood material to create a smooth closed surface that is easy to clean and satisfies the hygienic requirements of the restaurant business.

BARS & RESTAURANTS: For large orders, call or email us for details.


  • Each table weighs approximately 75 lbs.
  • Indoor/Outdoor use.
  • Seamless brass rim.
  • Solid, cast iron base and stem.
  • Simple assembly required.
  • Made in France.
Assembly Instructions
To assemble the cast iron base attach the top pole (narrow end) to the “frog”.  Turn the table top upside down, place the top of the cast iron base with the frog onto the plywood & center, then secure with 4-8 screws (not brass).  Recommended 1/4" x 1 1/4" L  for inside frog, 1 1/2" for outside frog.  Be sure to measure because the “frog” which attaches to the underside can vary in depth.  The top has a thickness of 5/8” plus ½” for the plywood.  (Screws are not included).
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