24" or 28" Square Bistro Table with Cast Iron Base

Square Sicile Table with Brass Rim
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Assembly Instructions
Each table features the traditional brass, chrome or copper band which encompasses the rim of the marble. The detail cast into the three-leg base is reproduced exactly from an original early 20th-century French bistro table. All construction of the table has been faithfully reproduced, including the undercarriage of the marble table, which features a 3 heavy-duty steel prong that holds the top to the base. The cast iron base and stem are held together by a large screw underneath the base.

The tables are suitable for use indoors or out. If used outside additional tarnishing may occur to the brass band.
The white marble is sealed and can be easily cleaned. In fact, we have tested it with red wine, and as long as the wine is wiped up fairly quickly (within 10 seconds or so), there is no staining. We have also left red wine on the white table for a number of minutes and the wine will leave a slight mark which will eventually all but disappear once it dries. The table is not stain proof, but does very well at keeping marks to a minimum.

BARS & RESTAURANTS: For large orders, call or email us for details.


  • Each table weighs approximately 55 lbs.
  • Seamless brass or copper rim.
  • Solid, cast iron base and stem.
  • Simple assembly required.
  • Imported.
Assembly Instructions
To assemble the cast iron base attach the top pole (narrow end) to the “frog”.  Turn the table top upside down, place the top of the cast iron base with the frog onto the plywood & center, then secure with 4-8 screws (not brass).  Recommended 1/4" x 1 1/4" L  for inside frog, 1 1/2" for outside frog.  Be sure to measure because the “frog” which attaches to the underside can vary in depth.  The top has a thickness of 5/8” plus ½” for the plywood.  (Screws are not included).
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