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Slipcover Only - Sofa


Slipcover Only - Sofa
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Replacement/Additional Slipcovers for Slipcovered Furniture.
Slipcover styles cover all existing frames. Order an extra slipcover for a new season!

Grade 1 $650
Grade 2 $730
Grade 3 $810
Grade 4 $890
Grade 5 $1010
Grade 6 $1130
Grade 7 $1330
Grade 8 $1530

Average Rating:

-Brenda B.
"The slipcover I received was a perfect fit for a sofa I had purchased years ago. I am very happy. My overall experience with American Country was good as well...some miscommunication on getting the order in a timely manner but it arrived ahead of schedule. The lady I had worked with was helpful as well..the only thing I would say is it was sometimes hard for me to break into the conversation to ask questions or talk about the order."
6-8 weeks
Subtotal  $650.00
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