Chromatic Plaid Indoor Outdoor Hooked Rug By Company C

Chromatic Plaid Rug by CompanyC
SKU: 10191-MULT
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100% Polyester, made from re-cycled plastic bottles. Hand Woven. Made in India. .

Returns on rugs subject to 25% restocking fee.  You may order a 2'x3' rug as a sample and return it at no charge. (return postage is non-refundable).

Choose the optional rug pad which is non-slip, cushioned and essential for the long life of your rugs. Rug pads not only keep area rugs from sliding on hard surfaces like tile and wood floors, they provide added cushioning while helping dirt to pass through the weave for a cleaner, more comfortable home. Rug pads are essential companions for any rug and a great way to protect your investment. Organic polymer.If using the rug on a hard surface choose an optional rug pad to keep rug in place.  Rug pads are guaranteed not to stain and are PVC-coated polymer.

Available Sizes:

2'x3'     $95
2'6"x8'   $325
3'x5'     $245
5'x8'     $645
8'x10'   $1295


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