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Cotton Braided Rugs

Rectangular/Oval Braided Rugs | Cotton Throw Rugs | American Country
Our  braided rugs are available in OVAL and RECTANGLE sizes: 2' x 3' to 8' x 10' and runners 2.5' x 6' and 2.5' x 9'.  ROUND or SQUARE in 3', 6' OR 7'6".  Ship time is usually 3-5 days, some sizes may require 4 weeks as noted. Our braids are full of life, and bursting with color.  These braided rugs are very comfortable and easy to clean and maintain. Because the braiding is flat, fabric rugs are ideal under furniture and are great in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Pictured is Santa Fe Sunrise Cotton Braided Rug
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blues and greens against warm sand tones                                                    FREE SHIPPING


warm rusts, toasty brown with crisp black and blue accents                                                           FREE SHIPPING


brown and black with a touch of cream and soft gray accents                                                          FREE SHIPPING


black, rust, khaki and brown                                                                       FREE SHIPPING


blue and burgundy with shades of mustard, brown and gold                                                            FREE SHIPPING


shades of plum, strawberry and mustard yellow with hints of green, cream and blue



russet red and warm shades of brown, accented with black                                                            FREE SHIPPING


rich shades of mustard, green, rust and olive                                                            FREE SHIPPING


bright yellows, brilliant blues                                                           FREE SHIPPING


Oval and Rectangle 8" x 28"                                                                                                                          

Minimum Order 13 pieces


Oval and Rectangle 13" x 19"


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