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20" Esprit Edouard French Bistro Table with Cast Iron Base

Esprit Edouard French Bistro Table 20", Brass Rim

This beautiful bistro table features the absinthe brand, Esprit Edouard, by Jade Liqueurs. Jade Liqueurs is regarded as one of the most respected and historically accurate makers of pre-ban absinthe (before 1915) on the world market. Esprit Edouard is considered one of its top brands.

The table size is standard for traditional bistro tables that would have been found during the Belle Époque. They are intended to be used in a restaurant, bar, or hotel setting.

The table can be used indoors or out but should not be left out overnight or in direct elements.

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days

BARS & RESTAURANTS: For large orders, call or email us for details.


  • Seamless brass rim.
  • Top is enamel coated.
  • Wooden underside.
  • Measures approximately 20" (51 cm) in diameter.
  • Stands approximately 28" (71.1 cm) tall.
  • Easy to follow instructions included.
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