4 Excellent Home Decor Tips You Should Know for 2022

Posted on 12/30/2021 at 09:00 AM by Deonna Adams

What decor trends should you expect this year? 

Cross Hatch Ivory Rug

Can you believe it? Another year has flown by, and the chance to start a new year with a fresh beginning is here. So why not start the year off by decorating with home decor tips for 2022.

Even though there are specific decor trends that change from year to year, such as color trends or textures, for the most part, you can observe things around you and get a sense of what is popular year after year and season after season.

For instance, check out your favorite HGTV show to get some fresh ideas for your space. Don’t forget to remember no matter what the trends are, it is essential to lend your decorating towards your style. 

So, what decor trends should you expect this year? With most of us stuck at home for almost two years, I think most can agree on one vital thing when decorating. What’s that? Comfort, comfort, comfort! So while style is essential, having an inviting, cozy, and warm home is a big priority for most. 

Of course, there are some trends that we are excited to tell you for the year 2022!

1. Color Trends for 2022

Color Trends for 2022

If you are thinking about adding a new splash of paint to one of your rooms. In that case, according to Benjamin Moore, the paint color trends for 2022  “is harmonious yet diverse, reliable yet whimsical, and meditative yet eclectic.”

With the past 2 years many are looking for less stress, and a calm atmosphere. This color palette will surely add a restful nature to any room. The palette includes warm pastel colors with hues of pinks and greens.

If you are not ready to take on the immense task of painting a room, introduce these restful colors in wall art or prints. 

2. New textures for a new year 

When it comes to textiles, think of the ’70s. Not necessarily plastic couches and shag carpet, but think of textured fabrics like velvet and bold patterns. If you are looking to decorate with velvet, check out our line of velvet sofas and accent pieces.

3. Furniture pieces you don’t want to live without

Hoosier Cabinet

Mid-century modern furniture will continue to be a trend this year. Natural wood furniture pieces with peg legs and bold hardware is definitely in.

Slipcover furniture could be an excellent choice for your living room. As we are spending more and more time in our homes. Having furniture that is easy to clean and versatile is essential!

4. Pandemic decor trends 

Many had to turn their everyday living spaces into workspaces during the pandemic. This has caused an ongoing decorating trend with furniture that quickly transforms your home. This is important since we all need to separate work from home. 

FYI: If you would like more information on creating a  work from home space, check out this blog article, “5 of The Best Work From Home Essentials”.

So while furniture may not be the most decorative, some have opted for a more practical choice when buying furniture.

In addition to having versatile furniture, supply and demand have also become an issue. As a result, production and shipping take longer simply because it’s hard to get materials and workers.

For this reason, we recommend planning ahead and ordering items that you might want and need in the future and expect long shipping times. 

Tip: To find out American Country shipping policies and lead time, click here. 

Do you need decor Ideas for a variety of spaces? 

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