5 of The Best Work From Home Essentials

Posted on 01/26/2021 at 09:39 AM by Deonna Adams

If Working from Home Continues in 2021, The Essentials You Need

working from home in 2021

As the pandemic struck in 2020 and working from home first started, you may have thought it would only last a few weeks. Now it’s the start of 2021, almost a year later, and most of us are still working from home. Likely you are either loving it or wondering, "when working from home will end, if ever?” 

If you are among those who don’t like working from home, it may be because of the way your workspace is set up. So, how can you create a space to work from home comfortably and enjoy it?

One simple tip is to try and mimic a typical workday at the office as much as possible. Be sure to take breaks. Get up, stretch your muscles, and walk around a bit. If your lunch hour meant heading out of the office to pick something up or run errands, continue to do that as well.

If you're still struggling, there a few more essential things to implement that will help you find more joy in working from home. 

The Right Desk for The Right Space 

writing desk for home office

Wondering what desk to invest in? This is a common question. When searching for the right desk, it can be a bit overwhelming. One thing to consider will be the desk dimensions -  how high and wide does the desk needs to be.

Before purchasing your computer desk, make sure you measure the space and the height you need for your leg space. This will save you a whole lot of trouble. Don't come up with a desk only to find that the chair is too tall and there isn't enough legroom! Generally, you'll discover that a writing desk usually provides plenty of room.

The other equally important factor to consider is the style desk and how well it flows and fits with your space. If you have a small area, you might want to consider a corner desk or a captain’s desk.

FYI: The average desk height is about 28” to 30” tall. If you are taller than 5’10”, you may need a taller desk! 

A Comfortable Chair

wicker armchair

Now that you have the perfect desk picked out, it’s time to choose a comfortable office chair. Some would argue this is is one of the most important factors for being able to work well from home - a matter of striking the balance between a stylish chair and a level of comfort. 

Although it may sound difficult, finding a chair that you can sit in for long periods of time without compromising style is quite doable. Consider using a chair like this slipcovered parsons armchair, which can give you both comfort and style.

Other popular options include Glac Seat rattan chairs or tolix style chairs. But, for one of the most popular choices, stick with a cushioned chair such as an armchair.

Office Organization

help with office organization

Creating office organization in small spaces can be tricky. Buying a desk with storage is a great option. You can store all of your papers and files in a way that won’t be readily seen, and is also easily accessible.

Desk organization is important because the less cluttered your workspace is, the less stress and anxiety you will have. Here are a few home organization hacks that will help!

Designated Work Space

having a designated work space for home office

One of the best and most important things you can do when working from home is to separate personal space from your workspace. The ideal option of course would be to have a room designated as your office. If this isn’t possible, consider something like a room divider or decorate the area where you work with office decor.

Accessories to Make Your Space Warm 

accessories for your home office

Adding home decor accessories will help to personalize the space for you. Decorating with colors and artwork that you love will make it a little bit easier to go to work from home every day.

Try adding faux plants, wall decor, and a unique desk lamp.

We never know what 2021 will hold If you end up finding yourself working from home for the foreseeable future, putting all of these suggestions together will help make it feel more like an office and less like home!

Need a little help in picking the right decor for your space?

Finding the right decor for your particular space can be a challenge. We would love to help! Contact us at 1-800-765-1688.

In the meantime check out some decor items to add to your space!

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