How to Decorate Your Home for Maximum Entertainment on Game Day

Posted on 10/27/2020 at 02:00 PM by Deonna Adams

Why Take Game Day Seriously

watching the game and having snacks

The best months of cold weather are here. That’s right, football season! Most families use Sunday’s to get together and watch their favorite sport. With the coronavirus still hanging around these days, the time we spend with our family and friends are most important. 

Winter activities will be far few and between this year, but this only means it's a good opportunity to go all out on game day. And just because we are unable to attend the games in person we can bring the experience right to our living room.

So whether your plan is to watch the game together virtually or at home we will talk about some ways that you can decorate your home to help you have a fun and exciting game day all winter long!

Game Day Must-Haves

A comfortable sofa to watch the game

No matter how you choose to spend time with friends on game day there is one thing that is absolutely important. Your seating! Whether you decorate with accent chairs or a big sectional comfortable seating is a must. Not only that but you want to make sure you have enough seats for everyone to have a good view of the TV. 

Speaking of TV, not that the size of your screen is the most important thing, but let’s just say the bigger the better. Create a homey feel by displaying your tv in a nice entertainment unit. We know there will be a lot of yelling and shouting during the game so make sure to have a nice sturdy sofa to hold all of the excitement. 

Another game day must-have is your game day gear. Wear your favorite jersey to support your team. It always is fun when you invite friends over who are rooting for the opposite team. It ramps up the competition and makes game time more enjoyable. Put up banners and decorate with the colors of your team you want to represent. 

Make football season special, by dedicating a room just for you to watch the game. Decorate the walls with the team logo, or hang a picture of you and your friends at a game the previous year. One of my favorites pictures hanging on our wall is this cute game day dog print photo.

Game Day Goodies

Watching the game with friends

What game day would be complete without tasty foods and desserts. When I think of game day foods I think of wings, potato skins, smokies, buffalo chicken dip, and the lists goes on. If you want to create the vibe that your at the game why not add chili dogs, and nachos to the list. Serve your favorite finger foods on cool serving trays. Bake your favorite dessert, and add some delicious candies to the mix for a nice variety.

FYI: One of my favorite game-time wings to make are these Coco-Cola Wings they are so sweet and delicious. 

Of course, we can not fail to mention how important the proper drinks are. Mixed drinks and beer is a much needed essential. My husband's game day drink is simple but includes his favorite rum and pineapple juice. Whatever drinks you choose to serve display them on a bar cart and give your serving skills an upscale look.

When you add all of these essentials to your game day routine, you will find that your home will be everyone's favorite place to watch football in comfort and style.

Sometimes you have those who choose not to watch the game. To find out how to add to your party on game day read our blog post “How to Choose a Farmhouse Table.” 

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