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Why fall decorating is so fun

Fall Decor



September has arrived and it’s better sweet. We are now approaching the fall season! The long hot summer days are coming to a close, but one can’t really be that upset when there are so many beautiful things about fall. The changing color in the leaves, the cool crisp air, and the fun fall activities, and decor. 

So as you mentally make the transition into another season what gets you excited? For me, it’s falling in love with decorating my home to compliment my favorite season! Here are a few decor ideas for fall you can use to design a cozy home fall retreat. 




Fall colors to decorate with 

fall colors to decorate with



When thinking of colors of fall to decorate with, think about the colors you’ll find outdoors. Fall leaves are a great inspiration. Oranges, yellows, and reds to just name a few. Fall colors for 2020 are sorbet pink, green, earth tones, shades of grey, and black.

 Think about the furniture you have in the space you're decorating. If you have a grey sofa, what fall accent color would complement your furniture best? Perhaps greens, and yellows with a hint of burgundy and orange. There are so many ways to add these gorgeous autumn colors into your decorating.  




Fall decor accents

Fall decor accents and accessories  Fall wreath for fall decor




The easiest way to decorate your home is to bring in fall accessories that will give your home a cozy homey feel. There are many inexpensive options when purchasing decorations or fall. The best part is that some of the fall accents that you buy can be used year after year.

One thing I always like to do is purchase a new fall wreath for my front door. This adds not only a nice pop of color to the front of my house, but also it’s a nice welcome for any family and friends that come over for a visit. For inside your home use a fall garland.

What better way to celebrate the season than with garland. It is perfect for decorating your home, mantle, or fireplace.

  • Hang or drape on mantel, railing, or places to add seasonal color

  • It brings in seasonal charm and warmth to your home

  • It makes a versatile decorating accessory


Fall decor accents are not limited to just wreaths and garlands. Why not, add lanterns, and candles to bring some warmth to the room. Add color by using throw pillows, and blankets. Hanging fall pictures on the wall will help you to relax and reflect on this short but beautiful season.


Tip: The nice thing about the fall accents mentioned above can also be used outdoors. Because of social distancing, you may want to have people over outside. Why not, bring all of your home decor outside and create a beautiful oasis outdoors.

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Fall decor rugs indoor and outdoor

Decorating with rugs for fall



Rugs with fall colors can be the perfect addition to add to spice to your room. Not only will it bring in all the colors that you need but it will also help hide dirt and protect your beautiful flooring underneath. 

The rug pictured above is appropriately named “Pumpkin Pie”. It’s a cotton braided rug with rich shades of mustard, green, rust, and olive. There are so many different rugs to choose from. If you don’t want to buy a new rug every year purchase neutral rugs or one with earth tones. This will make it easy to change your decor throughout the year.


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Decorating for fall can be very exciting and overwhelming. We would love to help! Contact us or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for decor ideas @americancountryhomestore!

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