How to Choose the Best Farmhouse Table

Posted on 08/13/2020 at 09:00 AM by Deonna Adams

How to Choose a Farmhouse Table 

farmhouse wood dining table

Where to start when selecting a farmhouse table

Choosing the right table is essential to create an atmosphere of harmony for any home. The kitchen or dining room can be the most important place in our home. Gathering around a big round farmhouse dining table is where we share some unforgettable, memorable times with our friends and family. 

Big dinners, love and laughter often fills our dining rooms. So how can we add to the charm and rustic feel of our home? We can offer some practical advice and farmhouse decor ideas that will inspire you.

Farmhouse interior for you

farmhouse table with bench

Many people ask how would you define farmhouse style?  Farmhouse decor means different things to different people. A rustic farmhouse table for example can give a laid back farmhouse style. If you want a more clean look opt for a white farmhouse table.  It is important that the table makes a statement and invokes a sense of function and beauty. It should have a classic quality that says it has been around for years or at least will be. 

Farmhouse Tables


What are you using the table for. Will your farmhouse table be a kitchen work table, occasional dining table or grand entry table? Will it be a multipurpose table where you will work from home time to time? Will you do crafts, have family dinners and entertain? 

In most cases you will need a durable surface and the correct height for the tasks at hand. Another factor to consider is how many people you will need to seat. Are your dinner parties for two or twenty? How much space do you have for it? Thinking about these questions will help determine what type of table you want to purchase.

How big should my table be?

family gathering at a farmhouse table

If you need to add additional seating try adding a farmhouse table with a bench or with an extension. Allow 18”to 24”per person for comfortable seating. With a bench or smaller chairs for children, this can be adjusted slightly. ? This will influence the size of the table. For a table of 6 people, you would need a table about 5’ long and 30” wide, knowing that the average height of a table is 29” to 30”.  For four people the table should be about 48”, leaving at least 28” to the surroundings. Allow adequate space around the table to move around. If you are using the table as a kitchen island, make sure you allow at least 3 ½’ around each side of the table. For a large hallway table allow 4’ on each side for a walkway.

Farmhouse Chairs

Choose the shape of the table

Farmhouse chairs

Rectangular tables: Generally a farmhouse table is a large rectangle. Having more space between diners allows for less intimacy, but also usually allows for more comfort and space. If you have less space, you can also enjoy a long narrow table. A rectangle table for 8 will give you plenty room for entertaining.


Square tables: Square tables are best suited for small spaces. An ideal size is about 60” although extensions may be available to double their capacity.


Extendable tables: Virtually all styles of tables can be extended and are perfect if your space is not very large. You only have to confirm that you have the necessary space to open them and to have a minimum of space around them.


With so many choices available some people choose to lend towards their creative side and start a DIY farmhouse table project. If you are not one of those people head over to


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