5 Tips to Improve Productivity in Your Home Office

Posted on 08/04/2020 at 09:30 AM by Deonna Adams

How to Get The Most Out of Your Space


Working from home comes with many benefits. Especially during this pandemic. As the pandemic continues many of us will continue or start working from home. But it can be challenging when there are so many things that can cause distractions which results in low productivity. A disorganized space, noise, lack of light, and the list goes on can keep us from doing our best work. So what are some home office ideas that you can implement to help you get the most out of working from home?

1. No Room No Problem

Often many do not have any additional room to devote to just a workspace. Try creating an office space right in your living room. If you have a quiet home, this may be a great option. Use your furniture to create walls to make a  border for your desk and chair. Adding a rug can make your office look larger. Use a sleek desk, and a comfortable chair to add to the beauty of your living room. 

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Tip: If finding a room in your home is a challenge. Use an unused closet for an office space. They are easy to transform and all you need is a comfortable place to sit, a work area, and a little inspiration!


2. The More Light The Better

Bright office space

Having natural light in the room where you will be working will help you not only to be able to see but it will improve your mood and make you feel energized. To add to the brightness of your room add light-colored furniture and paint the room in a neutral color. Use floor lamps to give the room more dimension and elegance.


3. Two is Never a Crowd

Pine wood writing desk

If you have multiple people working from home in the same household, use more sleek furniture rather than bulky furniture so the room does not feel cramped. Put both desks on opposite sides of the room. Make sure that both office areas have enough room for each person's chair to move around. Add a desk lamp for ample light.

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4. Create Enough Storage

Storage unit

This is one of the most important. Think about your office space where you were working before the pandemic. Did you have all of your supplies neatly organized and arranged? Bring that same concept home, and utilize your space well by adding storage wherever possible. Use wall shelving. This can help if you do not have a lot of room on the floor for big bulky storage units. Turn a bookcase into a shelving unit by adding decorative or wicker baskets. Benches are great for decorating and hiding clutter. 

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5. Decorate With Your Favorite Color Scheme

Make your space personal. Do this easily by adding a pop of color with throw pillows and blankets. Use bright colors along with neutral colors to really make them pop. Design your space with your personal taste in mind. Do you love a more traditional style? Incorporate rustic, or repurposed furniture in the room. If you are inclined toward more of a glam style use an upholstered chair with a luxurious fabric like velvet. For a more modern look. Choose simplicity. Add a  modern desk or chair.

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Creating your workspace can be a fun project to do. It will inspire you to work harder, and help you be more productive! For more tips on working from home check out our blog post  How to Create an Organized Work-Space in Your Dining Room.   


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