Guide to Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

Posted on 06/23/2020 at 03:15 PM by Deonna Adams

Damier means "checkerwork" in French, and its classic motif has appeared on French country tables for centuries.

Inviting your guest over for dinner party can be exciting and overwhelming. The food, decor, and mood should be perfect. You want your guests to be comfortable but also impressed with the setting. So how do you host the perfect dinner party?

1. Preparation

Love, good food, laughter, and good company is always the desired result of any dinner party. The one thing that shouldn't be at the party is stress. Eliminate stress by preparing well.

  • Decide on a menu well in advance. Choose recipes that you are familiar with, and know will taste delicious. 

  • Prepare as much as possible the day before. Set the table, and prep as much food as possible. 

  • Give yourself enough time to set up. 

  • Invite guests at least a week in advance to know how much food to prepare. (Its' always best to have more food than you need)


2. Stay on Budget

Part of the stress is overspending and using money that was set aside for something else.

  • Shop your cupboards before you go to the store to see what ingredients you already have.
  • Make a list and then stick to that list
  • Check grocery ads and shop the sale. Create your menu around items that are on sale. The savings will add up!


3. Centerpieces 

  •  Remember to keep your centerpieces at about 12 inches so your guests can see each other across the table.
  • Fresh flowers always add elegance. Don't save money by using plastic flowers instead, check your cabinets and find a vase or glass jar to save money.
  • Light up the room with candles. It will bring warmth and romance to your table. 


4. Table Settings 

Never forget to enjoy your guests, and do not get sidetracked with the little details of hosting. Ensure you will enjoy the party by cleaning up as you go on the day of the party. Put on a little music while you work, and welcome your guests with a nice tune. Remember not to overdo it and you will have a successful stress free dinner party!

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