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 327 Main Street, Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone: (515) 232-7813 Fax: (515) 232-9241

Customer service hours are:  Monday - Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time.  Call our customer service at 1-800-765-1688 or 515-232-7813. 



Maggie Wynja

Maggie Wynja

President, C.E.O. aka the boss

....and a genius in her own mind.  Occasionally micro-manages, however has a
"YOU can do it"
attitude (or else!).  

Is only allowed to say "See my baby Muffy on our catalog cover" up to three times a day.

See Muffy at this link

FYI...founded the company in 1992

See our article in the

Chicago Tribune

 Brent Wynja

V.I.P. and husband of the boss

Relentlessly gives decorating advice, which is typically ignored. 

Altho, not involved in the day-to-day operations, we rely heavily on his chair testing abilities.

Brent has been in the financial services business
since 1984.

 Brent Wynja
 Wendy Muench

 Wendy Muench

A multi-task designer, website expert & customer service representative with dyslexia.

Has a knack for spending all the company's profits at Gift Markets.

Always late for work, but somehow manages to keep her job.

A country gal at heart and animal lover.

 Marcia Skrdla

Our cosmo girl...a designer, a liar and seriously in need of help...

Talk about creative liberty...(when she is working)...this one leaves for lunch and is typically back in a few weeks.

Does not like dogs...what can we say...mentally deranged.

 Marcia Skrdla
 Deb Hintze

 Deb Hintze

Our sales and market/shopping adviser.

A natural high-maintenance blonde.

  Recently retired as a special needs teacher…..

she is a perfect fit to be on our staff.



 Mike Williams

Our warehouse/shipping manager.

The only person here who really gets the job done.  Has the most organized warehouse imaginable.

  ....still looking for a redhead.

 Ron Skrdla

Our IT guy.

Recently retired from a career with the Agronomy Department at ISU in oat research, Ron is now sowing his oats working at home adding exciting new products to our website.

  ...if you look close, you'll see a halo above his head.....this is because he always has dinner on the table when Marcia comes home.


Pamela Hawken

Our official photographer
& catalog consultant

Our Sonoma BFF and wine country tour guide, Pamela is currently working on our next catalog.   

Our photo shoot this year included Sebastiani, Peju Province and Bistro Jeanty.   See our Wine Country Photo Shoot here .

If you are a business or individual looking to do a photo shoot in the Northern California wine country, please contact Pamela at:

Photography in Wine Country

and Photo Gallery

Pamela Hawken




Shirley Stoll

Shirley Stoll

Surely, what can we say??  Our hero and expert on having a good time.

Occasional fill-in when we are out of town, Shirley owns & operates Summer Cottage Antiques at Okoboji, IA in the summer months.

Now a summer tradition, we visit each year for boating and try not to get into too much trouble.

 Yvonne Gentzler

Official promoter and marketing expert

Yvonne’s summer home on the island of Avalon, NJ was one of our first complete home makeovers. Our design team revolutionized this rental property into one of the islands most sought after summer cottages.  Not to mention, we all have a standing invitation to return any time we want to update and paint--and whatever other adventures we can find to do when we are there!

See our Makeover Clip

 Yvonne Gentzler