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Cottage Bedding and Linens

A beautiful collection of linens and bedding, matelasse covers, pillows, throws and accents to complete your cozy cottage.  Matelasse is a tightly quilted bedspread, durable but lightweight.  Our collection also includes quilts, duvets and luxurious linens.

Most quilts are prewashed.  Wash in cold water w/1 cup of white vinegar - this sets the color.  Hang to dry and fluff. 

We will be glad to send 4" x 4" fabric swatches FREE...on most collections.  Send your request to: WE MUST HAVE YOUR  MAILING ADDRESS TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST. 

Some collections you will need to order a sham since a swatch is not available.  If you order a sham to check the color, you can return for full credit.

NEW! Bayport Quilt - Red, Cream, White & Indigo Charlotte Grey, Yellow Dijon or Indigo Duvet Sag Habor Collection
Wheatland Patchwork Quilt Collection Chesterfield Duvet Group Abigail Collection
French Country Stripe Duvet Collection Nantucket  Collection

quilt and duvet
Maritime Stripe Collection

Madeline Bedding Collection by Pine Cone Hill Diamond Matelasse' by Pine Cone Hill Logan Collection by Pine Cone Hill
Chambray Linen Collection by Pine Cone Hill Interlaken Matelasse' Collection by Pine Cone Hil

available in 10 colors
Uma Resist Gold by Pine Cone Hill
Blankets by Pine Cone Hill Rustic Damask Collection Holly Red Collection
Timber  Lodge Collection Providence Collection by Williamsburg Natural Shells Collection
Wakefield Bedding Northwoods Lodge Collection Caspienne Bedding
Oak Ridge Collection Williamsburg Windsor Bedding Bridgewater Collection
Magnolia Collection Sheet Sets Grandma's Chenille Collection

100% Cotton Chenille
Duck Down Under Bedding

Fillers, Comforters, Pillows & Duvets
Brighton Toile Bedding Solid Color Quilted Matelasse
Throws Chenille Baby Blankets Duck Down Basics
Chair Pads, Placemats, Tablecloths & Napkins Throw Pillows Kennedy Stripe Collection
 French Collection      
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50" x 70"
White or Ivory